For Bukowski – Cigarette butts and beer cans

Cigarette butts and beer cans

Grey paving slabs,

                Stubs in the cracks.

Daisies searching

                For life

                                Among the boots and butts.

Gum gobs


                                Into patterns,


Dandelions and grass

                                Against the odds,

                                Against the wall.

Sorry for existing.

Odour of decay.

                Stench of poverty.

                                Whiff of neglect.

Diesel fumes.

A sodden poetry book

                Discarded amongst the trash;

Dirt and litter.


                                That will never be read –

                                Pointless –

Essence of real life

                Amongst the decay.

A wizened bird

                Cocks its head,

                                Surveys the scene,

In search of meaning,

                Of a meal,

                                Among the beer cans,

                                                Used condoms

Torn tights,

                With no need

                                For Bukowski,

Or his commentary

                On life,

                                Unless it attracts insects.

Opher 27.12.2017

I wrote this for Bukowski. Matt asked me to contribute a piece on Bukowski for a magazine he was putting together.

I reacquainted myself with his poems, thought about his novels and came up with three poems. This was the first.


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