Poetry – The Charge of the not so bright Brigade!

The Charge of the not so bright Brigade!

Onward! Onward! Full of great bluster

Strode Billy Bunter.

Lies to the left of him.

Lies to the right of him.

Lies in front of him.

Lies all around him.

Strode Billy Bunter.

Someone shouted that he’d blundered.

His not to make reply.

His not to reason why.

His but to do or die.

(In a ditch).

Into a right old mess

Strode Billy Bunter.

Half a brain – Half a brain

Half a brain onward

Strode Billy Bunter!

Opher – 6.12.2019

Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson and Billy Bunter.

You could not write it.

The Machiavellian Dominic Cummings pulls the strings.

The buffoon performs.

The country is fucked and the turkeys vote for Christmas!

Obviously political education should be on the curriculum!!

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