The Corona Diaries – Day 683

It’s bloody freezing!! The temperature must be minus 700 or thereabout. The house is freezing. Outside is freezing. The electric fire has icicles!!

Why the hell did my ancestors move out of Africa? It can’t surely just be because of the spiders, can it? Some of the hairy house spiders we’ve had in our place probably eat tarantulas for a snack!!

The wood for our woodburner arrived today. I had to go and load it all into the wood store. It snowed on me!! I thought that was ridiculous. It’s much too cold for snow!!

This is absurd. Global warming is messing with the weather. A few days ago it was seventeen degrees!! That’s a drop in temperature of 717 degrees!!

I’ve stayed in reading and drinking coffee. Off to see some friends shortly.

Meanwhile, outside in Coronaland, the proof has emerged that Boris Johnson lied and broke the rules. I know! Must be a shock for everyone. Him of all people!! Shock Horror!!

Here we go – the emails:

Seems that Theresa left the place like a pigstye (you’d have thought that was how all Tories live and Johnson would have been right at home – but no). and Carrie couldn’t bear it. It required  £112,549 to make it liveable! Many people would give anything for  £112,549. It would buy them a house!!

So Johnson knew where the money was coming from, lied about it and promised to give Brownlow the great exhibition he wanted. Quid pro quo. In this case many quid.

We officially have a lying Prime Minister who takes bribes. But that’s alright isn’t it?

I was interested to see that most people thought that all MPs were the same. That actually isn’t true. The vast bulk of the huge earnings from second jobs and lobbying is squarely with the Tories.

The fact is that bribes and favours is the way Johnson runs government. Want a knighthood? Just sign the cheque!

Mind you, there were two things that I might just agree with Johnson on. Firstly that all this antivaxxer conspiracy nonsense is mumbo jumbo (particularly in respect to the fact that 40% of the people critically ill are unvaccinated – and them making up a small percentage of people). Secondly, the idea of rewilding and looking after nature. I’d like to read the small print on that though just to make sure it isn’t a Tory ploy to give sums of our money to rich Tory landowners for doing fuck all.

So, yesterday, there were another 194,747 new cases with 334 more deaths and the epicentre moved to the North West. Only fair to share it around.

Hospital admissions are zooming up with 24 NHS Trusts declaring critical status. (Although a Tory minister said this morning that there is absolutely no problem with the NHS. To say so is a leftie plot. The Tories have ploughed £45 trillion into the NHS only last week and put in place another 4 million doctors and a 100 billion nurses. Likewise with carers. There are now 700 carers for every elderly person in the UK.)

There are currently 50 MPs at home with covid restrictions. But hey, who needs ’em? This government has treated parliament with utter disdain. They do what they like, break laws and rules whenever they like.

I had to laugh when I read that we were lifting all travel restrictions. Well, we would, wouldn’t we? We’ve probably got more covid than anywhere else!! People coming into the country could only make things better!!

Is this a way of blaming jolly foreigners again??? Are we going to carp on about them not allowing us Brits in??

Of course they shouldn’t!! We’re all riddled with Covid!! Brits should carry around bells and shout unclean at the top of their voices.

It’s OK. Everything’s normal!! Carry on!!

Stay safe!!

13 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 683

  1. Wait a minute! How come you’re only up to 383? I thougt you were going to do one every day. You should be close to 14,0000 by now. OK, 700?

    1. Sorry Bumba – that’s me. It’s 683 not 383.
      What’s happened to your reports and blues?? I’ve not had anything through for ages.

      1. A Freudian slip. Hope you don’t have to deal with four digits. I can’t record on my old machine anymore. But Maybank returned from Carolina so we’re playing that country music again. Both myself and a double masked George Packard are still out there looking for a scoop, tho. Cheers. Keep it going!

      2. Found it Dewin. I hope Starmer was merely talking about using the private health sector to rid us of the backlog – not on a more permanent basis??

  2. So tell me Opher, what thoughts do you have about Tony Blair’s knighthood, gifted by the Queen? Many – the majority of those polled in a YouGov survey, 63% – believe Blair’s gong should be rescinded. (There is also a petition doing the rounds with over 900,000 signatures calling for the gong to be removed.) Indeed, there are those who believe Blair should’ve been tried at the Hague for war crimes: an idea that ‘sets off a cascade of eye-rolls’ as Owen Jones writes in the Guardian, ‘Such sentiments, alas, are firmly placed in the long, tawdry tradition of the west’s contempt for brown and black victims of its foreign horrors: if hundreds of thousands of white westerners had so recently been slaughtered, their lives would not be so impatiently dismissed.’ (1) Equally, there are those soft darlings of the state such as lightweight Tory, Keir Starmer, who contrary to public opinion, believed Blair should be knighted.


    (1) –

    1. The whole system of knighthoods, OBEs and Peers is utterly crap. Of course Blair should not be knighted, but neither should anybody else. The Tories have been cramming in peers in order to get the vote in the Lords. It all stinks. The whole system is crap.
      The people who should be recognised are not the politicians, sportspeople and entertainers!!

      1. Blair’s knighthood, a royal knighthood, is a personal gift from the Queen, BoJo had no say in it. That being said, in a climate of sleaze and corruption, I agree with you that the whole honors system is archaic, draped in antiquated language, and remains, quite obviously, open to abuse. Politics, parliament, and specifically the current incumbent in number 10 Clowning Street should have nothing to do with. I’d even go further and disband the House of Lords, which costs the taxpayer about £100 million/year, and replace it with an independent, publicly elected body.


      2. Fully concur Dewin. Your assessment is spot on! A second elected body would be much better. I’d also change the first past the post system to create a fairer democracy.

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