The Corona Diaries – Day 382

Busy day today. Haven’t had time to go for my daily walk. I’ve been rejoining up with my writing group, delivering chests of drawers and doing chores. The day flies past when you’re busy. Playing Beefheart in the car is good!!

Time to get some grub, a glass of red and binge on a film I think. It’s that kind of day.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our slob of a clown is frantically trying to clean up his act, look and sound the part and hope that all the parties, arrogance, Peppa Pig and sleaze will melt away. People have short memories. They must have or they wouldn’t keep electing these arrogant public schoolboy profiteers.

We know our place, Yeeeeeuuuuk!!

The only thing worse than a self-serving Tory is the stupid people that vote for them.

Someone asked me why, as a middle-class person, do I hate Tories so much. The answer is quite simple; I grew up with a lot of them. I used to play rugby and Esher Rugby Club was like Tory Central. Those slimy Masonic twerps were so arrogant. They had their little clubs, ran their little rackets, looked after each other with their sleazy deals and regarded all the working people as complete imbeciles worthy of contempt and exploitation. They used to not only look down on them but laugh at how easy they were to fool.

Nasty scum.

The irony is that these middle-class nincompoops were looked down on by the upper-class twits (a few of whom frequented the rugby club) in the same way as they looked down on working people.

I despised them all and their God, Queen and Country crap.

When I went into education and became a Headteacher I was invited to all those elitist carnivals – the Masons, Rotary Club and Colonel Blimp’s parties. I had great fun declining. There is a whole secret cabal out there looking after each other and ensuring that nobody breaks into their little club. I had to entertain the local businessmen and conservative MPs. They talked to me as if I was one of them.

They regarded all public servants as parasites. Their only aim was to make money and gain power. They connived to cut education, health and councils. They had no use for any of the social fabric. They had their private schools, private healthcare, security firms and no need for youth clubs, libraries or police. As far as they were concerned people were cattle.

I hate that social club.

The Labour Party does not really represent me but at least they want a more equal society and well-financed public services. I’ll buy into that. The only other party that I’d consider is the Greens. I think a coalition between the Greens, Labour and the SDP would be good!

The sooner we change to proportional Representation the better. I have never in my life had a vote that counts. I’ve either lived in a solid Labour or solid Tory area. Makes a mockery of democracy and keeps it all a two-party system. Voting for minority parties is a wasted vote under the current system (apart from a handful of constituencies). Needs changing.

Vote Opher. I’d sort it out (and you can trust me!! – Honest!!)

So, yesterday, we had 219,000 new cases. That’s a lot isn’t it?? Now deaths – according to the government it’s just 48, according to Sky it’s 334. Quite a discrepancy!!

20 NHS trusts were critical!!

Johnson says ‘Look at me!! I’ve had a make-over!! I’m trying to be a grown-up now!!’

He also said: ‘Parts of the NHS will be overwhelmed!’

There were 3.7 million -people in the UK with Covid last week!! 17,276 were in hospital with 911 on ventilators.

But in the political satire that masquerades as government, our clown might well have said: – ‘We will keep the country going without restrictions. ‘I don’t care if the bodies pile up!! Let the unvaccinated die!!’

‘We will keep the schools open, even if the dinner ladies have to teach!’ ‘Besides, we don’t send our kids to those loathsome grubby schools and we don’t use the NHS!! We go private!! We’re rich!! We do as we like!!’

So the farce continues. The stupid continue to support the government and the bodies pile up!!

Stay safe!!

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