The Corona Diaries – Day 381

Nice sun, blue skies but the temperature has taken a nosedive! It’s cold. We walked up my hill and it was good!!

I’ve spent the day sorting my room, moving and setting up the computer, phone, printer and work area. It’s taken ages but it’s looking good. Am amazed how dusty everything gets!! Also amazed that everything is working again!!

The next job is putting up the posters!! That’ll take me a while. Possessions, huh?? Who’d have ’em?? But these aren’t really possessions; they are music!!

I can now easily get at all my CDs and vinyl and my music system is more accessible. Feels good.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown has surfaced. I noticed that he’d had his hair cut and doesn’t look quite as much of a shambling wreck as usual. Is this a deliberate new image?? He was even talking like a normal human being in an attempt to sound trustworthy and competent.

Doesn’t work with me. He’s the same slimy reptilian-brained chancer he always has been. It’s a ploy. Clowns can’t change their facepaint.

So yesterday there were another record 218,724 new cases with another 42 deaths.

No need to panic!! We’re following Plan B. Not sure what Plan B is – carry on as if nothing is happening???

Omicron is at record levels. Hospital cases are now nearly 11,000 and rising. Many hospitals are either at or about to be at crisis level – some Trusts announcing they are critical. That means they cannot deal with emergencies.

The major problem is not people getting really ill it’s staff absences due to covid. It is going to hit everyone – lorry drivers, hospital staff, caterers – you name it!!

Aren’t you glad we’ve got a clown in charge to sort it all out, someone with an eye for detail, ahead of the game? He’s probably in the office right now, meeting with experts, scrutinizing documents, hunting for solutions – not at home in front of a blazing fire, swilling £180 bottles of red, shagging the maid and guzzling pies from Fortnum Mason. Not him.

Nothing is too much. No detail goes unstudied!

Who Yeh!! Party Time!!!!

Stay Safe!! Just don’t get ill right now. They can’t cope!!

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