Poetry – The Russians Bought Brexit

The Russians Bought Brexit

So the Russians bought Brexit

And bought the Tories too.

Bringing in chaos and austerity

To the likes of you and me.

They want to depower the EU

And mess up our economy.

They are watching the results

With a great deal of glee.

The more our power wanes

The happier they will be.

So they are undermining everything

In the lands of the free.

Tories they don’t give a damn

As long as roubles come rolling in.

All they want is power

And use every means to win.

Opher 12.11.2019

So the Tories are hiding up the report on Russian intervention. Why could that be? Is it because the Russian oligarchs have been funding the Tory Party? Is it because the Russians bought Brexit by intervening in the referendum? Is it because the Russians interfered with the election and managed to get the Tories elected?

I reckon so. They did the same with Trump.

They have targeted gullible voters with torrents of scaremongering social media messages – stirring up the fear.

They are delighted to be breaking up the EU and NATO. They want the UK broken up and weakened. They want the EU weakened. They want an idiot they can influence in the Whitehouse.

Looks like they are succeeding.

How much influence are they going to have on this election?

Looks like the Tories will benefit.

No wonder they want it covering up.

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