‘Let’s Go Brandon’ – The warcry of a bunch of mindless cretins. As detestable as the Taliban.

There is some obnoxious tribalism that has been empowered by Trump (and Brexit). It has totally eroded all rational thought.

An extract from The American Pastor:

‘it is yet another moronic expression of toxic tribalism done in honour of and in the image of their traitorous MAGA messiah. It is a siren’s song of people who are so uninformed and bereft of decency that the only movements they are capable of being part of are anti-movements:

They are against vaccines.
Against masks.
Against immigrants.
Against universal healthcare.
Against responsible gun legislation.
Against environmental protection.
Against women’s autonomy.
Against black lives.

It isn’t surprising that Republican voters joyously and proudly plaster a middle-finger, f*ck-off to a sitting president on their chests and bumpers and store windows. This is what this side of the aisle has become; something that is only interested in and capable of generating negativity. There are no ideas, there is no creativity, there is no empathy; nothing that seeks to build or unite or help.’

The scary thing is that this moronic way of thinking has been empowered by Trump for his own ends (He has made a billion dollars out of it) and has completely taken over the Republican party, turning them into violent loudmouthed imbeciles.

I just hope these hateful people don’t gain more power. They destroy the fabric of decency and intelligence. The world they want to create is a form of fascism every bit as detestable as that of the Taliban.

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