The Corona Diaries – Day 369

Another dull and dreary day in Yorkshire. I don’t much like dull and dreary. I’ve been indoors putting up shelves and sorting CDs. Quite enjoyable. I’ve been playing a range of music while I worked today. Now that the solstice is out of the way I’m looking forward to the days drawing out (though I’m not looking forward to the cold of January and February).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our feckless tramp of a prime minister sends out a Christmas message that stinks of hypocrisy. He talks about the grieving families his policies have created and tells everyone that a jab is the best gift! Well it might be but all he is interested in is his popularity. He thinks that keeping everything open and innoculating everyone will win him popularity.

I think that train has left the station.

Here’s what the New Statesman said:

‘There is much one can criticise Boris Johnson for as Prime Minister. He has little knowledge or interest in policy detail; he cannot build a strong team; he lacks a strategic vision; he refuses to grapple with reality and make hard choices; his inherent optimism leads to excessive risk-taking; he is too ill-disciplined to stick to rules; and he has a cavalier attitude to the truth. To name but a few. ‘

He’s desperately hoping that Christmas will provide respite that will make people forgive or forget. I reckon not. Once the darts and football fans get on your case I reckon it’s over.

But the problem isn’t really Johnson, useless as he is, it’s the whole bunch of extreme rabid nutcases making up the right-wing of the Tory Party. They are complete imbeciles and they, thanks to Brexit, are running the show.

Getting rid of the clown isn’t going to solve the problem. They’ll just shove another puppet into place and carry on profiteering. Politics is a big money-making racket for them.

Let’s hope that in the New Year we find a way of dumping the lot of them!!

As we hit Christmas we also hit another record with 119,789 more cases of Covid recorded yesterday along with 147 deaths. That’s a lot of covid.

I’m hearing of lots of covid cases among family and friends. The most there has ever been. This is fierce!!

Just think, as all those people travel around the country meeting up with friends and relatives – we could be in for a bumper year!!

The other news is that we might need another jab in 10 weeks time!! Looks like a repeating cycle of jabs. But at least the Omicron looks to be less of a risk – though with such a huge number the hospitalisations are rising – up to 1004 yesterday!!

I’m not sure that Boris was in much of a party mood this Christmas. Good. He had his parties last year. Now the chickens come home to roost!!

Stay safe!! Merry Christmas!!

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