6 thoughts on “Cabinet Meeting In Progress!! Bring wine and jumpers!!

    1. They are obligatory Merry Solstice jumpers Neil!! Mind you, alternative sources are now cheaper than fossil fuels and looking to become even cheaper.
      And a very Merry Solstice to you Neil!! Hope it’s a good one!!

      1. “Renewable” energy can never be cheaper than fossil fuels, Opher, unless and until the “experts” come up with a way to make it supply all the energy that is needed 24/7/365; even during a windless spell in the UK in December. Until then, you need to include the costs of the back-ups (coal, oil, gas, nuclear…) as well as the direct costs of the “renewables” themselves. And that’s without taking into account other costs like maintenance and de-commissioning.

        Anyway, a merry 3-days-after-solstice to you too!

      2. Lol – as soon as we have tidal sorted, hydroelectric and a good means of storing energy we’ll have no need for expensive polluting energy production.
        Solstice goes on a long time in our house Neil!! Wishing you a great time!! Plenty of festivities and cheers, music and love – in the old pagan tradition!!

      3. Opher, come on! Tidal energy harms marine life; what would the Greens say about that? Hydroelectric only works in a small proportion of particularly hilly places. Nuclear fusion could be the future, but even when made commercially practical, it would be dangerous – most of all when used by political governments for H-bombs and the like. Solar energy picked up in space and transmitted to ground is another possibility; but needs lots of new technology. And the key, for me, is not energy storage, but energy convertibility.

        Anyway, back to the present. I’m sipping a very pleasant Cabernet Merlot from Australia, called “Filius.” You can buy it from Majestic Wine. 14.5% alcohol, doesn’t taste strong but surely is! Not cheap, but definitely worth it for a blow-out.

        As to music, there’s surely going to be a lot of tuba practice between now and my brass band re-starting on January 5th. We have a concert scheduled for the equinox (March 22nd), which will incorporate quite a bit of music harder than we usually play. Including my latest composition! It’s called “The Flying Saucer,” and sub-titled “Incidental Music for a Fairground Ride.” Mike the bandmaster said to me, “When you listen to this, you can’t be anywhere but a fairground!” It has plenty of jazzy rhythms, and a few that are a bit more challenging. I’ll send you the Sibelius-produced .mp3 if you like.

        May you enjoy a very happy 3rd day after Solstice… and 10th day… and 365th day, and thereafter.

      4. Cheers Neil -That wine sounds good!! I’m a tad wined out at the moment!!
        Yes I’d like to hear that – sounds interesting!!
        Have another merry day Neil!!

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