Poetry – A Limerick for Trump

A Limerick for Trump

There was a spoilt rich kid called Trump

Who liked to get his hands on some rump.

He generated fake news

So all of us lose

And divided the world with a thump!

What ironic idiocy!

A superrich, privileged, spoilt rich kid who has had it all laid out on a plate, with a history of exploitation, cheating, lying and racism, is pretending to care for working people.

This formicating, immoral snake oil salesman also appeals to the evangelists.

How gullible can people be?

He hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, cosying up to Putin and Kim Jong Un, pushing away NATO and the UN. Spreading fake news, undermining the media, science and all experts (except when it comes to dealing with his own affairs), denying climate change, hurling threats and abuse, interfering with other countries politics, creating wars and violence, and generally being coarse, rude and obnoxious.

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