Poetry – Existential Threat

Existential Threat

There’s an existential threat

Where everything is under attack.

Flat earthers and religious fanatics,

Along with every quack.

They are attacking the tenets

On which our life is founded.

Spreading lies and fake news

So we are left confounded.

For two hundred years, or more,

We’ve built a society based on law,

Science, engineering and experts

Raised us from being poor.

Not all politicians are bastards

In it for personal gain.

Some set up the NHS

To raise the poor from pain.

Some built council houses.

Some fought for the vote.

Some strived to end slavery.

Many are worthy of note.

But now we’ve got lying bastards

In the Whitehouse and at number ten.

Spreading lies and fake news

Undermining it all again.

They feed on hate and division

And support the extreme far right.

Stuffing their coffers and

Shitting on us from a height.

They don’t care what they rip apart

As they service their own end.

They’ve split the world apart

And made enemies of friends.

We’re back in the Dark Ages

In a world of lies and superstition.

Where rational thought

No longer rules our decisions.

The fat cats pull the strings

As they grab a bigger slice.

Using gross confusion

As their controlling device.

Letting these bastards gain control

Has created this existential crisis.

And we’re only just beginning

To realise what the price is.

Opher – 12.10.2019

In this post-truth era nothing is believed. They have successfully undermined all the experts, scientists and rationalists to pull the rug from under our feet.

In a world where nobody believes anything they can say what they like, do what they like and get away with murder.

They tell us all experts are wrong.

They tell us that the media is crooked.

They tell us that all scientists are in the pay of crooks.

They have supported every conspiracy theory going.

The UN is a communist plot.

The white helmets are globalist control.

We never landed on the moon.

There is no environmental crisis.

The population increase is not a problem.

9/11 was carried out by the CIA.

The earth is flat.

They tell us that global warming is a scam so they can go ahead, wreck our national parks, chop down the forests and make a fortune.

They have successfully undermined all rational thought, exploited every failing to create doubt, and, for personal gain, are spreading the seeds of division, hate and confusion.

They have successfully undermined all experts, scientists, the media and rational thought. Their lies are believed.

This is probably the biggest existential crisis in the history of western civilisation.

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