Jonathan Pie – Christmas Cheer!!

How many more lies??? How much Hypocrisy???

No Trust left!!!

Jonathan Pie says it like it is!! It’s rude. It’s crude. It’s Jonathan Pie talking about the nasty cabal of parasites!!

4 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie – Christmas Cheer!!

  1. An Epitaph for the Tory Party

    With apologies to Bob Dylan:

    How many times must the Tories lie,
    Before people find out what’s true?
    How many scandals must pass them by,
    Before we all come to hate blue?
    Yes, and how many more bad laws can they make,
    Before everyone knows they’re through?
    The answer, my friend: They’re pissing in the wind,
    The Tories are pissing in the wind.

    (There will, in due course, be verses for the other mainstream parties…)

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