Prohibition Doesn’t Work!!! A policy that has failed for 60 years!!

Our estates are full of drugs. The streets are full of drug addicts. The dealers are driving around in flash cars. Crime rates are through the roof.

We’ve had prohibition for 60 years and it isn’t working!!

This multibillion-pound industry is killing people.

Prohibition has failed. How many crack-downs does it take to realise this is not the answer.

Prohibition puts money in the pockets of criminals and kills people!!

This is just another Tory wheeze, a populist ploy, aimed at distracting people from the sleaze and the illegal Tory parties in Number 10. A deflection.

For the last twelve years, the Tories have been fuelling crime and drug-taking by taking police off the streets and cutting funds to drug rehabilitation centres. Surprise surprise. The problem gets bigger and bigger.

They know this latest initiative is a sticking plaster on a broken leg!!

It’s covering up their own ineptitude.

There is only one way to deal with this problem: take the money out of the criminals’ hands. Legalise all drugs and put funding into drug rehabilitation.

Treat drugs as a medical/education situation and not a criminal one!!

PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK!!! Never has!! Never will!!

8 thoughts on “Prohibition Doesn’t Work!!! A policy that has failed for 60 years!!

  1. Ah, but the establishment won’t ever legalize drugs. It would take away both an issue around which they can rally their most fanatical and illiberal supporters, and an excuse to hurt people for taking drugs that harm no-one but themselves.

    1. Yes – and it would take all that money out of the hands of criminals, stop the criminalisation of addicts, reduce crime and impact across the planet. Prohibition simply does not work.

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