Poetry – Wanting to shine!

Wanting to shine!

I’m forged from the matter made

In the centre of a star,

So I naturally choose to shine.

I’m giving out warmth

And compassion

To make us all feel fine.

I’d rather live in the light

Than huddled in the dark –

Shrunk with fear and hatred.

The choice is rather stark!

It’s the essence of a star

To banish all the night!

Enabling us to see,

Providing us with sight.

So I’m glad that our bodies were forged in the centre of a sun

It gives us all positive potential, each and every one!

Opher 12.9.2019

Life is a miracle of impossibility – yet it happened.

We are made from stars, fashioned in a nuclear cauldron.

We should celebrate every last example.

We are wondrous.

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