Poetry – Brexiteer’s Rant

Brexiteer’s Rant

Give me rationing and the spirit of the Blitz.

Let me live in an Anderson shelter and get ready for some hits!

Let me stockpile my medicines and watch the Lorries queue!

I’m looking forward to poverty like all good Britons do!

I want to be ruled by a bunch of Eton toffs

Rather than the bloody foreigners to which our caps are doffed.

Who cares if our power wanes or the economy takes a dive!

We’ll be a banana republic but at least we’ll be alive!

Yes, we’ll lose some jobs and our kids won’t be able to roam.

We’ll put up all the barriers – we’re better off at home!

For we are all British! We’re bred pure and true!

For God, Queen and Country! – Nothing else will do!

Opher – 13.9.2019

There is an emotional irrationality to Brexit. There is a xenophobic fear of foreigners. I hear this mantra of wanting to rule ourselves – what does that mean? We are being ruled by a German Queen and a bunch of Public School boys.

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