Poetry – Come Close

Come Close

Come sit by my side,

Let us watch the sun slide into the sea.

As the sky puts on a show, cuddle in close

And be lost in its grand majesty.

Bathed in its glow,

As the colours all flow from gold

To crimson and blues,

And they breathe us in

To the connecting warmth of their hues.

As the heavens perform

With connections so warm to the stars

And beyond.

For the great dynamo

Of that heavenly show plays on the clouds

And into our bond;

And connects us through time

To the great pantomime our ancestors

Performed in their days;

The vibration of time

Never fail to be amazed.

So cuddle up close,

Ever so close, until we are one.

And we’ll play out our game

Until the game’s done.

Opher 6.9.2019

The sun sets like it has done for billions of years – a great performance in the sky that sweeps us into wonder and connects us to the heavens, time and our ancestors.

How many other lovers have sat cuddled together and were bathed in its mystic glow?

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