The Corona Diaries – Day 608

It has been a cold grey day in Yorkshire but at least there was no wind. I wrapped up well and took my daily walk up my hill. It was quiet and peaceful. Even the crows and seagulls were largely absent. On the way up I saw my kestrel (I claim ownership on all I survey) sitting on his telephone wire. He watched me and gracefully flew away. On the way back he was sitting there again and once more flew off to the bottom of the hill. As I was approaching the bottom of the hill I spied him up the top of a tree. Just then a squirrel ran across the road. Like a shot he launched himself, swooped down and very nearly caught the creature. His only missed him by an inch or two as the squirrel jumped up into a tree. The kestrel soared back up into the air and glided off.

That was fun to watch.

Back home I’ve been writing my Beefheart book and playing some Pink Floyd. I’m off to watch some football in a minute.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our bumbling clown is busy going to pieces. I think he’s completely cracked up. Strange, because I wouldn’t have thought that was possible. You wouldn’t really believe that he could get much worse. But I was wrong; he could.

First he did an impression of an inmate of a mental house for the cerebrally challenged by completely losing it at an important meeting with the CBI. Not only did he completely lose his place, lose the thread and act like a complete fool but he then proceeded to make silly car noises and start talking about Peppa Pig. You could see the leaders of British Industry looking at him as if he was completely doolally. Somebody even asked him if he was alright.

This is the bloody British PM!!! He’s meant to be a world leader!! You don’t hear Angela Merkel or Xi Jinping making silly car noises like a three-year-old. It is embarrassing!!

What is this shit about deliberately messing up his hair and walking around like a dishevelled tramp because he thinks it makes him popular???

He followed that by breaking yet another promise and doing the dirty on the poor again.

When he came into office he lied about having an oven-ready plan to deal with the Care Of The Elderly. He lied about a £350 million Brexit dividend.

Brexit has so far cost us at least £65 billion. Instead of a dividend and sunny uplands with a plethora of brilliant trade deals it has been firms crashing, red-tape galore, trade stifled, Ireland in turmoil, prices rising and shortages on shelves, shortages of HGV drivers, pickers, carers and you name it. A disaster. Instead of sunny uplands we’ve got a bust country. That £350 million a week was a lie. It’s cost us a helluva lot more than that!!

All hidden with Covid and huge borrowing.

So our lying gaffe meister told us that he’d solve the NHS underfunding and Care For The Elderly once and for all. He put up the taxes for the poor (The Wealthy can still use their loopholes) and also put up the National Insurance so the poor get hit twice!

Having just done the dirty on the poor he then marches his Tory sycophants through the lobby to vote to go back on his promise. Not only will they pay much tax but they’ll also lose their house.


So, yesterday there were 44,917 new cases, with 165 deaths. It’s going up isn’t it? They are starting to panic again. Christmas is under threat. They are telling us to ventilate, test and not to meet up!! They are pushing vaccine boosters like mad!!

Well I’m happily boosted!!

The antivaxxers are both rioting and ending up in ICUs fighting for their lives.

All experts and scientists are fools. The government is trying to control us. Oh shit I’m dying!

Yes you fools – it’s a bloody pandemic!! That’s what happens if you don’t get protected or keep isolated!!

I was just reading about the morons who held a covid party. One’s dead and others are on ventilators! Fools!!

Stay safe!! Keep off a ventilator! Avoid covid like the plague! Ventilate!! Ventilate!! Ventilate!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 608

  1. Well Opher, I’ve just updated my UK spreadsheet (too much effort to do the rest of the world as well!) There doesn’t look to be much objectively to worry about, despite recent see-saws in cases. COVID hospital occupancy at just 20.4% of the peak back last January. ICU occupancy only at 22.3% of the peak – this was the bottleneck that made that lockdown inevitable. Deaths per case (21 day offset) currently at 0.35%, slightly down from where it’s been since September. Excess mortality is about 13% above normal, down from almost 20% in September (but it’s been above zero since about the middle of July). On that basis, anyone talking about cancelling Christmas is nothing but a scaremonger.

    1. Really interesting Neil. Those stats look reassuring. I think they are concerned that the virus will sweep up more from the continent, cold weather will bring people together inside and Christmas will mean lots of travel and mixing in large groups inside. They think the worst is yet to come hence this frantic effort to get everyone triple vaccinated. Immunity seems to wane badly after six months – a bit like flu.
      Any stats on who is in the ICUs??? Unvaccinated, old, sick, ?????

      1. I don’t have any more detailed stats from the Our World in Data feed.

        I remind myself that an Imperial College modelling team (not Ferguson, the other lot) were saying that new cases would probably be down to 5,000 a day by Christmas. Then again, they were talking about 100,000 a day at the peak, which hasn’t happened. Suggests they aren’t all that much more connected to reality than Johnson is.

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