The Corona Diaries – Day 606

I went for my walk this morning into a cold northerly wind. The sun shone though, and on the way back the wind was behind me and the sun shone in my face.

I watched two blackbirds gorging on berries. The leaves were nearly all off the trees. Winter is coming. The bustle of nature has died right down.

Back home I’ve been writing my Beefheart book, playing some Hendrix and watching the Grand Prix. A lazy Sunday.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the sleaze continues. It has become apparent that the government is still awarding untendered multimillion-pound contracts. I find this incredible. It is the epitome of corruption.

This government have been spending money like water and borrowing enormous sums. It’s all disguised with covid but the wealthier are getting richer and richer while the ordinary person is experiencing price rise and pay freezes.

Whatever happened to fairness??? To levelling up???

It is so blatant it is untrue. The waste is staggering.

Take an example: Test and Trace.

Not only is it utterly ineffective but it’s costing us a £million a day. They are employing hundreds of people on staggering salaries – 1230 consultants who are being paid £1,100 a day!! Compare that to the average pay in the country. It is staggering. The regional directors £350,000 a year!! The national ones are earning millions.

Who decided to pay these ludicrously high amounts??? Who are the people getting these jobs?? They can’t surely all be mates of Johnson or Hancock?? Or can they?? Who appointed Dildo Harding???

One thing we can be sure of and that is that it will not be the wealthy picking up the tab for all this money being squandered. It will be paid back through decades of pay cuts, cuts to services and austerity for the poor. That’s Tory policy!

Let’s look at how this works:

A start-up nurse gets paid £18,545 per year. He or she pays £2,300 of that in tax (it’s not optional). They take home £1,345 a month (a little more that a T&T consultant takes in a day!)

Jacob Rees-Mogg earns £149,000 a year from his government position but that is peanuts compared to his real income.

He moved his firm into Europe before Brexit happened. He reportedly made £7,000,000 out of Brexit and is making millions out of covid. We do not know how many millions a year he is earning because he doesn’t declare it. We do know that all those millions are being stuffed into the Cayman Islands and he isn’t paying any tax on that at all!!

So a poor nurse struggling to pay bills pays £2,300 a year tax and Rees-Mogg, a smarmy profiteer, pays nothing.

And Rees-Mogg holds a responsible position in the government making decisions on taxation and spending, a government that is choosing not to close all these tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Meanwhile, people like Rees-Mogg are costing us untold billions.

It’s ordinary people like the nurses and teachers who are paying for the roads, army, education, infrastructure, police, NHS and the rest. It’s wealthy profiteers who are exploiting ordinary people and not paying a penny.

This is the way the country works!! This is Tory policy.

So yesterday there were 40,941 new cases of covid with another 160 dead. It’s more of the same. It hasn’t changed for weeks.

Consultants are getting angry. They are seeing ICUs full of unvaccinated people. The, and the other NHS staff are being worked off their feet trying to save lives and people are believing internet lies and conspiracy theories, catching covid and dying.

They come off a hard shift and find idiots protesting in the streets, calling the covid a conspiracy.

I think I’d be furious too!!

Austria is bringing in compulsory vaccination and Germany is preparing to follow!!

Johnson is caught not wearing a mask inside again and our government don’t give a toss.

Plan A – a 1000+ deaths a week – working fine!!

Stay Safe – it’s not over until it’s over!!

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