The Corona Diaries – Day 603

I went along to my writing group today. So good to meet up with friends, to read stories and talk about writing. Very productive.

Back home I’ve been listening to some Dylan and getting on with my book. Seems to be progressing well – though I keep thinking of more and more that I need to include!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the clown is finally becoming isolated. The polls returning, his own party are turning, the public’s turning and they will be lining up to stab him in the back.

They hauled him in front of the 1922 committee and he was bleating ‘but I got Brexit done.’ I think that’s part of the problem. The fool has forced a lousy Brexit through and bankrupted the country. We’re borrowing so much that we’ll be paying it off for decades – assuming that the country can afford to pay it off. The way things are going it’s looking dire.

What with power, petrol and food increases, tax hikes and National Insurance hikes we’ll all be starving to death under this bunch of self-serving liars. Of course, none of these rises are due to Brexit. There are those flying pigs again!!

The fool has gone and caused a major bust-up by not thinking things through – as usual. First, he tries to endorse immoral law-breaking and then he flips. It’s been the same throughout – Brexit, Covid, Levelling up, Iran, – incompetence followed by cover-up.

Which government Minister said ‘Britain is not a corrupt country because we go on the TV and allow our policies to be scrutinised and challenged!’ That’s pure Orwellian doubletalk!! I forget how many times they’ve said on Newsnight that the government were asked but nobody was available. Then there’s Piers Morgan!! They duck any scrutiny. They avoid any challenge. Why?? It’s bloody obvious why – their policies can’t stand up to scrutiny or challenge. It would show them up for the useless bunch of pillocks they really are!!

But, it turns out, Johnson has made a few million while in office. Half the Tories have their snouts in the trough. They are doing alright. No cuts and hard times for them! Johnson’sidea of putting a stop to second jobs is really pissing them off. With any luck all the Tories will walk out.

So yesterday there were 37,868 new cases and another 201 deaths. So much for the rate coming down!! More of the same I’d say!! The delta variant seems to be more infectious but less symptomatic. So that’s good!!

AstraZeneca have just been trialling a new antibody cocktail to treat covid. It looks very promising. It could also help all those who are presently having to shield because they’ve got cancer or other illnesses that are suppressing their immune systems. This could be what they need.

Then there’s the Pfizer antiviral drug. That too could be a game-changer!!

The future looks brighter!! We might be able to get rid of cancer Johnson and the loathsome Tories and have a cure for Covid!!

Stay safe!! There are things to live for!!

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