Poetry – Nothing has Worth!

Nothing has worth!

Nothing has worth!

It’s all imagination.

Whether it’s gold

Or the wealth of a nation!

It comes into fashion

And then it goes out.

The value it has

Is all kicked about.

A suitcase of banknotes

Is an experience shaper

But in reality

It’s just a big box of paper.

Whether it’s diamonds,

Oil, silver or cash;

It goes up in value

Then suffers a crash.

So the gamblers and speculators

Practice their greed

Manufacturing shortages

To create market and need.

So what if tomorrow

We all agree

To value nothing

And make it all free?

Opher – 8.7.2019

It annoys me that there are a whole bunch of worthless speculators out there deliberately creating chaos and shortages so that they can gamble and prosper.

They are parasites.

The worth of anything is only what people say it is.

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