Poetry – CASH!!


The government prints as much as they like

And tells us there’s a shortage – ‘So get on your bike!’

There’s plenty for bombers, missiles and fools,

But none left over for hospitals and schools.

They give it to the bankers in truckloads and more!

But the nurses and teachers just have to stay poor.

Its value is really all in the head,

But we use for buying champagne and bread.

I reckon it’s time to sort out its worth.

How much we all get shouldn’t be based on our birth.

Why should celebrities and bankers get paid so well?

While the rest of the country has to wish in the well.

It’s time that we sorted the real worth of our time

Cos we’re all being robbed in a continuous crime!

Opher – 8.7.2019

We have a two-tier society. Most of us earn money in ‘real’ worth but a small elite of celebrities, sportspeople, bankers, executives, politicians and entertainers live in a different world.

Seemingly our time is calculated in cash per hour but theirs is calculated in truckloads.

It seems to me that the real value of a human being is not being worked out properly.

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