The Corona Diaries – Day 596

Another fine day in Yorkshire. I spent the morning writing my Captain Beefheart book. In the afternoon I had to take the car in for an MOT and brake linings so we took a walk at Kilham, a small village near Driffield. The wolds are rolling ridges. We walked up the top for a fine view.

Back home I’ve been playing some Billie Holiday before getting back to work on the book. I’ve got a muzzy headache which is probably sinuses. Saps the energy.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, this disunited world looks down the barrel of a torrid future.

Sometimes you just have to stand back and look at the mess our species has made of the planet. We can’t seem to get along at all. We invent religions and use them to batter each other. We invent politics and use it to batter each other. We invent science and use it to produce weapons to batter each other. We invent trade and use it to exploit each other. We invent transport and use it to invade and better each other. We are always fighting, exploiting and suppressing. If it’s not religion or politics it’s race and culture.

Why the hell can’t we appreciate all the great things cultures do – the art, music, literature, dance, drama, fashion and culture?? Why are we so greedy and belligerent??

I look at this current bunch of xenophobic extremists we have ruling us. They are disgusting. They are busy lying, feathering their own nests and picking fights. They are ruled by greed, racism and xenophobia. I’ve never known it so bad.a heinous selfish bunch of nasty overprivileged twats.

I keep hearing reports that the covid rates are coming down but I see little evidence. There were 39,325 new cases yesterday with another 214 deaths. That doesn’t sound like coming down to me. That sounds like more of the same.

My booster is two days away!! Can’t wait. I want protection!

They are saying that getting the common cold gives added protection against covid. I wonder if my sinus infection counts??

Germany is looking as bad as us. They are bringing in extra restrictions, Unjabbed people are not being allowed in public places.

Over here the unjabbed are being kicked out of care homes. The NHS will follow next Spring (They want the winter crisis over before they kick them out!)

Meanwhile, the hunt goes on for better, longer-lasting, vaccines!!

A nice cheap covid medicine would help, wouldn’t it?

Stay Safe!!! We’re not at war with France just yet!! Maybe next week?

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