Poetry – The Thin Blue line of life.

The Thin Blue line of life.

Just a thin blue line around the edge of the globe,

A tiny layer of life.

It glows electric blue against the background of space

On the edge of a knife.

Sustained by circumstance in a delicate network

Of life and magnetism.

As chlorophyll uses sunshine and carbon dioxide to give

Our atmosphere its baptism.

So when we look up the sky is blue

As the warmth and light from our star comes through.

The beauty of our planet could so easily be supplanted.

We really shouldn’t take it for granted.

Opher – 14.6.2019

When I see photos of the Earth from space I am always astounded by how thin our layer of atmosphere really is. It is held in place by our magnetic field that prevents it being swept away by the solar wind. Its composition created by plants. So many other things combining to create that thin blue line that sustains us all.

It is delicate.

We fill it with smoke, chop done our forests and pollute our seas. Yet we expect it to remain unchanged.

Perhaps we should not take it for granted?

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