The Corona Diaries – Day 584

A dreary, cold, rainy day in Yorkshire. I stayed in and have been writing all day. It’s a slow process. The Beefheart book takes a lot of research and thought. I’m dredging up memories and experiences here.

I’ve been playing some Nice in between the Beefheart tracks. Goes together well!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are tightening their grip. Surreptitiously they are taking more and more control of the media. The BBC is not only threatened with its very existence, it is being scrutinised like never before. The new Tory boss is bringing in ‘outside agencies’ to check all content (including children’s programs) for any signs of bias. I think we all know what that means. We also know who these outside agencies are likely to be. These are the jobs they give to their chums. We are edging closer and closer to a totalitarian state. Controlling the media and pumping out propaganda is fundamental to fascism. This government will not tolerate criticism and will not allow itself to be accountable for its actions.

They have not only loaded the BBC board with Tories but also control the vast majority of the newspapers. The Mail, Express and Sun have been pumping Tory nonsense and lies into the homes of working class people for decades. The Telegraph and Times do the same in a more sophisticated manner for the middle-classes. Education has been deliberately turned into a knowledge treadmill. People can no longer think for themselves.

I find this all extremely sinister and worrying. We see clearly how this happens in other countries, now it is happening in ours. We are bombarded with relentless propaganda. This is what Goebbels did in Nazi Germany.

The Tories have this affable clown facade but behind the mask is a sinister power who want power and wealth at any cost!

This is what the Trumpists are doing in the USA. It’s fascists like Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Orban. It’s perilous.

So, yesterday, as the Covid experiment progresses, there were another 43,487 cases with another 186 deaths. That’s 1066 dead this week and rising!

The number of cases is thought to be lower due to a drop in testing as schools are on a half-term break. The number of cases is probably really rising!

The reason for this increase in the R rate and increased number of cases is a combination of indoor mixing, no restrictions, waning immunity and large numbers of unvaccinated kids and antivaxxers.

There is no herd immunity and immunity after contagion or vaccination fades in most people after six months. We are now in a race to give vaccine boosters to those who were vaccinated six months ago. As we cannot eradicate the disease it looks as if a cycle of six-monthly jabs is going to be our future regime. Something to look forward to.

It is interesting to look at various places who have used different tactics. China, with its population of 1.2 billion and being at the epicentre, could be expected to have suffered more than most. That is far from the case. They have had 100,000 cases with just 4,634 deaths. They clamped down hard.

Compare that to the USA where Trump’s stupidity has resulted in 46,000,000 cases and 740,000 deaths. Or the UK with 9 million cases and 140,000 deaths.

Tonga has just recorded its first case!! They had border controls.

But the genie is out of the bottle. To contain it now is a gargantuan task. We have to live with it. It is certainly overshadowing that Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918. Who knows where it is heading or how it will end?

Will it peter out or spawn a deadly variant?

Stay safe!! Masks, distance, ventilate – your life or health might depend on it!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 584

  1. You paint a realistic picture of the awful complacency that has crept into British thinking. Yes, I wonder what it will give rise to. I am still hoping against hope for the revolution! Am too far away at the moment but think the Spanish vaccine programme has surpassed the momentum of ours. So not much really to be proud of in the UK and think all respect going when once it was certainly there from our European friends.

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