Poetry – Let’s Dump Them All

Let’s Dump Them All

Let’s dump them all

And start a new world order!

Bring in someone who cares!

Let’s start all over again,

Not elect the deranged

And let all of us get our share.

The world could be run better.

That goes without saying.

They run it for themselves.

But we want to look after the planet,

Put an end to war,

And put exploitation on the shelves.

Opher – 11.6.2019

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could run the world properly and not just for profit; if we could run the world in cooperation for the common good; if we could run it in a way that nature was cared for? Wouldn’t that be great?

Instead we elect a bunch of self-serving politicians who always pander to the wealthy elite, who bring in competition, exploitation and dissent in order to rape, pillage and gain in ordinate amounts of profit for themselves.

Let’s dump them all!!

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