Poetry – Acid


As acid etches its way into seas and minds

Bleaching coral, jumbling thoughts,

Ignoring signs.

Ignoring warnings

Of global warming.

As new technologies provides the way

To shut the mines with solar power, batteries

And wind turbines.

We shouldn’t be stalling

While nature is taking such a mauling.

Opher 7.6.2019

I wrote this in response to the deniers of global warming and environmental catastrophe. Their minds are jumbled with political propaganda and intransigent ideologies.

In my life I have seen friends of mine become acid casualties and I’ve seen the effects of acid seawater on coral.

Somehow, to me, the jumbled minds of environmental catastrophe deniers have something in common with the wrecked minds of the casualties of acid overuse.

We have the means to put things right. What holds us back is the will – our own minds, our own selfish greed. Our minds are messed up. The acid of selfishness and greed has eaten away our humanity.

Do we care enough?

I'd like to hear from you...

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