The Corona Diaries – Day 580

Today was another great day – quite mild with a bit of sun and no rain.

We were exchanging grandchildren today. We delivered one back to his parents and received two in exchange. I think we have a busy few days ahead.

We walked around this lake and nature reserve. It was beautiful!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our mighty clown believes that with a majority of 80 he does not have to explain himself, neither does he have to be answerable. He just puts through the most outrageous crap and thinks everyone will forget.

The most recent is that in order to give to his rich chums in charge of the water boards he is after doing away with legislation so they can dump raw sewage into rivers and seas. Thankfully there has been an outcry and the Lords chucked the bill out.

One minute it’s a green government who protects nature but the reality is that profit is all that matters!!

So yesterday there were 40,954 new cases with 263 deaths (though if you go on the government site it tells you that there were only 36,100 new cases with just 38 deaths – what’s all that about? – another lie?). This is concerning some scientists who are now talking of a Plan C!! Plan B will not be enough to contain it – if the government ever bring Plan B into operation!!

The NHS is on its knees due to the incredible backlog of cases that have built up due to covid. Even if covid doesn’t take off it is still in big trouble. If covid does take off it’s going to be existential!!

But do the government care? No. If it collapses they’ve got an excuse to further privatise and they’ll be lots of money for the boys!! Win Win!!

They are now shouting out about the lifting of the pay freezes for public servants. With the Brexit bonus of inflation running at 4% a 4% pay rise is a freeze isn’t it. They do not give a shit about public servants. I reckon they’ll reward the nurses, doctors, teachers, police and others with a derisory 3% and claim it’s a rise when it’s really a cut!! After 12 years of cuts and freezes due to Tory austerity they are now paying for Brexit and Covid!! Talk about levelling up!!

These people are despicable.

It is laughable. Facemasks are mandatory for everyone in the House of Commons – except MPs. MPs are obviously a rule to themselves. They don’t consider themselves to be under the same restrictions as you or me. They are clearly superior!!

The ruling class says: don’t do what I do, do what I say!!

Stay safe!!!

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