Poetry – It Should be Safe!

It Should be Safe!

The world is a safe place!

People do not want to kill.

They want to raise their families

And have a field to till.

They’ll gladly give you a drink

Or share with you a meal.

They’ll give you a place to stay

And let you eat your fill.

People are warm and friendly

They all like a hearty laugh.

They’ll welcome you in

With a place beside the hearth.

It’s the politicians and businessmen

Who get it all wrong.

With their xenophobia and greed

They sing that different song.

When we are led by the wrong people

This is what we find:

When you close your borders

You end up closing minds.

Opher – 3.6.2019

Everywhere I have travelled around the world I have encountered friendly indigenous people. They would do anything for you, take you in and feed you. I have also found officious bureaucrats who are cold and mean.

Perhaps I have just been lucky?

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