Poetry – I Wonder

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,

As I sit back in my lone tree.

What is it all about?

What has happened to you and me?

I’m on my own now –

The last of my kind.

And as I watch you from my perch

I don’t think you’ll be far behind.

You’ve chopped down all my forests

And killed my kith and kin,

And put me in this zoo

Where I sit pondering.

I have everything I need

In terms of the basics of life

Apart from companionship,

My tribe and a wife.

There is no future for me now;

Nothing left for me.

Which is why you find me pensively

Sitting in this tree.

Opher 6.6.2019

I wrote this poem in response to a picture I saw of a male chimp sitting in a tree eating a piece of fruit and looking extremely sad and thoughtful.

Looking into the future when we have destroyed nature and set the scene for our own demise I found it easy to imagine his thoughts.

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