Poetry – Eggshell minds

Eggshell minds

We stand so strong and put on a show;

So hard, so strong, so resolute.

So brave against the stars.

So easily shattered,

So delicate.

Our eggshell minds

Are housed in


Of electric blancmange

That cannot resist

The forces that stir

Their currents.

Experiences and sights

That embed themselves

In the motherboard

To short-circuit

And sear the

Tranquillity of our thoughts

And dreams.

For we are not so brave, so strong

Or resolute

As we believe.

Blancmange is too soft,

So very soft,

So delicate,

That the shocks curdle our being.

Opher 5.6.2019

I’ve met so many people whose minds are twisted by the experiences of life. The things they’ve seen, done or taken have scarred the soft jelly of their brains.

We are not so strong and tough. Violence and abuse leaves scars that do not heal. It only takes one experience to send us reeling.

Life is a disturbance.

War, violence, trauma, abuse – permanent damage.

I fear we are all traumatised!

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