Poetry – Another Ode to Joy

Another Ode to Joy

There is already an ode to joy

But there can never be too many.

No attempt to capture the slant

Of the sun’s rays over a bay;

A sunset viewed from a mountain top;

Or touch of the hand in love

Can ever be of lesser value.

Each is a connection

To the joy of life –

No less, no more.

Though some may be greater

In their eloquence,

The essence

Of their endeavour

Is the same.

They all salute and recognise

That same majesty

That abounds in all things

And emanates

From that self-same joy.

So this is yet another ode to that same joy.

We open our eyes into a wonder.

This universe is pure joy.

I will wonder at it once more.

Opher 1.6.2019

I often stand back in wonder at the sight of some wondrous sight in nature. We can never have too much. Nature is a mystical joy.

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