The Corona Diaries – Day 577

Quite cold today – but it didn’t rain. We drove to Leeds to meet up with my elder son and his family. We’re looking after Grandchildren this week. No time for writing.

Played a bit of Son House though!!

THE PANDEMIC IS OVER!!! The Vaccines have killed it!

Unfortunately not. The vaccines have certainly reduced the death rate but it has not stopped the transmission. The virus is breeding like mad.

The government is pretending it’s over though. That makes them popular.

Today there were another 49,298 cases with 180 deaths. A death rate of a 1000+ a week is perfectly acceptable for the Tories. No need to wear masks, social distance, ventilate or shut anywhere down. It’s all great. It doesn’t matter if we’re the worst in the world. As long as people don’t make a fuss and the Tories are ahead in the polls the death rate can soar. He meant it when he said ‘let the bodies pile up’.

The bodies are piling up and morons will still vote for him.

Right now the schools have just broken up for half term, but covid devastated the classrooms with tens of thousands missing classes.

It appears that the Delta+ variant is more transmissible. Bad news. Perhaps Johnson should not have welcomed it into the country from India.

So what are the obnoxious clowns doing? They are in their complacent phase. Their sitting on their hands. They are setting an example by not wearing masks. I’m just surprised they are not telling everyone to drink bleach or stick UV lamps up their backsides.

This is Trumpism. The solar system has just gone through a big cloud of stupid gas. How long will that take to wear off?

There are times when I really think there is no hope for us as a species. Supposedly intelligent????? We are a disaster.

So as covid dogs are abandoned right left and centre we are heading for a Christmas lockdown (one that could have been avoided with some simple precautions and a bit of leadership). Perhaps all those stupid morons will be asking for their dogs back. It’s alright. A Christmas lockdown won’t make any difference. There aren’t any turkeys. Most of the rest of the stuff can’t be delivered because of Brexit. People haven’t the money to buy it even if it was there due to petrol prices, pay cuts, energy hikes, and tax rises!

Brexit and Covid – two Tory monumental disasters!!

Stay safe.

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