The Corona Diaries – Day 576

It is sunny and quite chilly in Yorkshire – around 10 degrees!! I was wearing my winter coat for my walk – the first time this Autumn.

It was quite an interesting walk nature-wise. A small flock of long-tailed tits scudded across the road close to us. Two came out of nowhere and flew just over our heads, real close. A little further up the road one of our red kites skimmed under the telephone wires and flew a few feet over our heads. We watched as it settled in a tree. A bunch of crows weren’t happy with it being there and kicked up a racket, buzzing around it. The kite eventually became annoyed and flew off. We saw it later flying low over the field with something in it’s beak. Not sure what it was – a vole? I didn’t know they carried things in their beaks. I thought they held them in their talons. Weird.

Back home I’ve been working on the Captain Beefheart book. Got quite a lot done. I’ve been playing Beefheart and Jackson Browne. An interesting combination.

We’ve got the grandchildren coming to stay next week. We’re going to be busy!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it seems that our invisible Prime Minister has an invisible colleague. The new vaccines minister Maggie Throup has joined the throng. The Tories have either forgotten how to lead or they simply don’t care. They refuse to go on any program where they might get a hard time and have to explain things; they won’t let Boris loose without a script because he’s a liability and they see no reason to set an example to anyone. Masks on the Tory benches are as rare as dodos.

Right now we’re in the complacent phase. It’s all OK. What’s a thousand or so deaths a week?? No need to do anything. 50,000 new cases a day – nothing special. We don’t need to do anything or give out any advice. Forget about social distancing, working from home and masks. The vaccines will take care of everything.

This will shortly be followed by the panic phase. Oh God what can we do?? We’re heading for a 100,000 cases a day!! Deaths are rising!! The hospitals will be swamped!!! We’re the worst in the world!! Other countries are banning us!! We could be looking at thousand dying each week!! What can we do????

This is why it’s good to have a plan. We’re told that we’re following Plan A. Plan A seems to be do nothing, stay out the way. Go on holiday. Brush it off. Plan B is probably throw your hands up in the air and look for people to blame.

Fucking hell – we elected these incompetent idiots!!!

The cases yesterday were 34,460 with 166 deaths.

SAGE urges Johnson to take action and bring in Plan B. Johnson says ‘Hrrrrmpp, blah, errrr’ Sage says ‘making it mandatory to wear masks, social distancing and working from home could well prevent having to lockdown later’. Johnson says ‘Err, errr, hrrrmpphh, yes, er, but I’ve said it’s irreversible.’ The NHS chiefs say ‘We’re in danger of being overwhelmed. We need to make mask wearing mandatory again, bring in social distancing and work from home.’ Johnson says ‘Errr aaaah, yeees, but arggghhhh. errr no. the err jolly vaccine, ergo sunt omni vertigo, will hrrrph see us through.’

So 1 in 55 have the virus. We have a gang of fanatics in charge of the country. There is no Plan B. There is no common sense. There is no leadership!!

Stay safe!!!

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