The Corona Diaries – Day 575

The sun was shining in Yorkshire!!! But it was bloody cold! It never got above ten degrees. We went for a walk around the grounds of Burton Agnes, I was wearing jacket, scarf, hat and gloves and found myself wishing for my winter coat! I do not relish cold!! It stinks!

Once again I cursed my distant ancestors for ever even thinking of migrating out of Africa. What were they thinking???

Burton Agnes looked beautiful in the warm glow of Autumn sunshine. The gardens were a bit sparse though. They were preparing for Halloween so the place was littered with skeletons and witches. Such a strange Irish tradition. Very weird. It seems to have a lot in common with the Spanish day of the dead!! All lost in an ocean of consumerism. Any excuse to flog you stuff!

Back home I’ve been working on my Captain Beefheart book – Lick My Decals Off Baby today. A great album!! One of the best.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our excuse for a government is doing everything as brilliantly as ever. Covid is raging and they are watching, not setting any examples, not giving any guidance, just pretending everything is normal, just like everyone wants. Except it isn’t normal is it? We’re still in the midst of a pandemic. We have the highest levels in the world. Countries are shutting their doors to us. Our hospital rates are rising. Our deaths are rising.

You’d think a bit of leadership and guidance might be in order. No. You’re wrong. Silence is the order of the day. Send out Javid, like a frightened rabbit in the headlights with no adequate reasons. It’s obvious that he doesn’t believe in what dappy Johnson is instructing him to say. It’s all OK. The death-rate is not yet out of hand. We’re only killing around a thousand a week. But, he admits, it’s going to get much worse!!

The scientists and NHS are calling for some action. They can see where this is heading. The vaccines are waning. Flu is arriving. Winter is coming. The NHS is understaffed and weakened by twelve years of Tory cuts. They cannot cope. They’ve had two years of unbearable pressure, fear and stress. They’re burnt out. Shame they haven’t all got rich chums who can give them a luxury break in a Marbella villa. A weekend at Brighton might be all they can afford – particularly after the pay cut so generously given them in recognition of their efforts. No doubt when they collapse the yanks will step in and save them and we can share the joys of high-cost American health-care – or at least those that can afford it can!

You’d think that anybody in their right mind might go about setting an example, wouldn’t you? Like the simple thing of wearing a mask indoors at parliament. But no. They are Tories.

Simple measures might help – wearing masks (particularly indoors) reinforcing social distancing, working from home.

These plonkers won’t introduce simple measures (like Scotland, Ireland and Wales already have) because that would mean going back on what they promised – they said the opening up is irreversible. To reintroduce restrictions make them look like pillocks.

Too late guys. You couldn’t look more like pillocks than you already do!!

So politics wins over science, health and common sense. A few simple measures could save a lot of lives!

Set a fucking example!! Give out some guidance!! Stop being stupid idiots!! You are repeating the same old pattern – shutting down too late! It’s disastrous. People are paying for this with their lives!!

Today we got called in for our booster (in 3 weeks time) – I can’t wait. I want to keep safe. As of now 8 members of my close family (sisters, sons and daughters and their families) have had the virus. Fortunately none have been that serious and nobody has been hospitalised, all have recovered. Not the same with everybody else and some have been very ill.

So yesterday there were 52,009 new cases with 179 deaths. Johnson says that this is OK it’s within their parameters. A thousand deaths a week is fine.

The campaign of booster jabs and jabs for schoolkids is behind other countries. We were ahead with vaccinations – now we’re behind!!

Experts and NHS are calling for Plan B. This is a bit embarrassing for Johnson. He didn’t even have a Plan A. So for now we’re sticking with Plan A. That’s doing nothing and hoping for the best! Something will come along. After all, last time when we were really heading for extinction the scientists came up with the vaccine. Perhaps they’ll come up with something just as game-changing. Maybe invermectin will prove to be as wonderful and side-effect free as the antivaxxers hope?? Somehow I doubt it! I’d put that one in the same category as Trump’s bleach. Though it might help with those severely infected. 30-50% is not as good as over 90% – which is what you get with vaccination.

So we fail to take action again!! Been here before!!

So, with new highs in schools, Javid warning ‘get jabbed or we bring in restrictions’, the WHO saying that between 80,000 and 180,000 health workers have already died, we’re heading for winter. With shortages, price rises, energy rises and pay cuts due to Brexit, it could be a long, cold winter.

Stay safe!! Everything changes – eventually!

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