The Corona Diaries – Day 573

Really strange day today. It rained all morning but is really warm. It cleared up in the afternoon so I went for a walk. It was really warm – no jacket!! The blustery wind was from the south. the clouds were scudding – looking dark and ominous. A large hare ran across the road in front of us into the fields. An enormous crow sat on a telephone line watching us and cawing. A flock of finches darted into the bushes.

Back home I’ve been playing Leonard Cohen and Captain Beefheart. A strange combination. I’m getting on with the book now – page 71. I’m finding it hard work but fun. It’s difficult trying to create a style. I thought I knew lots but I’m discovering more. The man was a genius.

I’ve been back on Facebook for all day and I haven’t been banned again. Good eh??

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we are still stumbling along without any direction. It’s called crisis management. You create a crisis. Wait for it to develop and then fail to deal with it.

An example – campaign for Brexit, tell everyone it’s going to be wonderful (when you know it isn’t), ignore all the problems (pretend they aren’t happening), do nothing to deal with the skill shortages, the HGV, farmers, butchers, restaurants, etc. etc, then do nothing to alleviate the situation. Blame the EU. .Blame everyone else for not managing it. Go on holiday. Fail to go on any TV program where you might be challenged or held to account. Hope everyone forgets.

It seems to work very well for them.

Another example – ignore what is happening with Covid in China, ignore the findings of the Cygnet report, ignore what is happening in Italy and Spain, be totally complacent, do no preparation, have no plan, arrogantly believe that it couldn’t happen here, panic, shut down too late, fail to shut borders, get complacent again, open up too early. Allow new variant in from India hopeful of getting a trade deal (not as easy-peasy oven-ready, done-deal as we were told). Bring in lots of silly schemes. Panic shut down. Get saved by the scientists coming up with a vaccine. Get complacent again. Open up too quickly. Learn soundbites parrot fashion – ‘We’re following the science’ ‘Ring of protection around the care homes’. We’re now ready for another panic.

A good government plans ahead and takes action to stop things happening.

A bad government ignores everything, doesn’t prepare and then has to ineptly try to deal with the consequence mess!

Which have we got??

Yesterday there were 49,156 new cases with 223 deaths. That’s the highest since the disastrous second wave last March. IT’S THE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD!!! Global Britain is a world beater!!!

Scientists are investigating a new Delta plus variant. I bet Boris Johnson wishes he hadn’t allowed the Delta variant in. Perhaps he should have stopped all those planeloads coming into the country from plague areas without restriction. They are saying that we could be in for another wave of disease every bit as badas the second wave.

Immunity is flagging. The booster jabs are going out too slowly.. This is really bad news for those shielding and for antivaxxers.

Not good news for the COP26 climate summit. With all those delegates, police and protestors it could turn into a superspreader

Why are cases so high??

  1. Inept policies
  2. Poor forward planning
  3. Overconfidence and complacency
  4. No communication and guidance
  5. No accountability

We desperately need better guidance. Nowhere to be seen!!

I think we are approaching panic time again! I can feel it coming on.

Are we heading for a LOCKDOWN????

Stay safe!!! Some people have evolved natural immunity. You could be one of the lucky ones!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 573

  1. Not good news for the COP26 climate summit. With all those delegates, police and protestors it could turn into a superspreader.

    Yeah, right. They are going against the rule of law, by letting them all in without the same checks that someone from the other end of Glasgow would have to go through.

    But I’m becoming secretly pleased about the situation the enemies of human civilization have got themselves into.

    1. As to lockdown, there’s no immediate cause for alarm on either hospital or ICU occupancy. I’ll e-mail you the “magic spreadsheet” for the UK, which I updated today. The graph of hospital occupancy is particularly interesting.

      1. I don’t know about the “delta+” – if it exists, it doesn’t show up in the figures yet. I’ll be on the lookout for an increase in lethality, if it happens.

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