The Universe Came From Nothing!! Or Did It?

We have the minds of microbes.

Opher's World

I find it fascinating to begin to engage with the fundamental mysteries of the universe – such as how something came from nothing.

There are three basic possibilities:

a. All matter and energy came from nothing in the Big Bang – creating a universe of matter and antimatter in an instant.

b. God (a supernatural being) made the universe from nothing.

c. Matter and energy was always there.

It seems to me that all three propositions are almost equally impossible to comprehend.

Proposition A

Now proposition A is impossible. We have nothing and suddenly matter is formed spontaneously. There is a Big Bang and all the matter, energy, antimatter and antienergy(?) is formed in an instant and we have our universe.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Proposition B

Proposition B is even more absurd. In order to explain the impossibility of proposition A we invent a supernatural being who makes…

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