The Corona Diaries – Day 569

It has been a full day today, completing our new boiler fitting, off to lunch with friends and to a Nick Harper gig this evening. Not had time to do my daily walk or to do any work on the Captain Beefheart book.

Feels strange to be meeting up with people and going to gigs.

I suppose we’ll get used to it.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, our bunch of lunatics continue to gaily misrule and get away with murder. Our clown in chief is having a Churchillian holiday. I hope he’s better at painting than he is at leading. I expect the result will be a complete bodge. Everything he ever does is. Yet they are still five points ahead in the polls. How is that? People know he’s a liar. People know he’s made a complete cock-up of Brexit. People know that he’s made a complete cock-up of covid. People know that he is lazy and inept. They know he’s an idiot. They know all about the sleaze and corruption. How the hell can they continue to back the idiot? There’s no accounting for stupidity.

Yesterday the number going down with covid soared to 45,066 with another 157 deaths. Nobody seems bothered anymore. Scientists think that this level of cases and deaths has become normalised and people are desensitised. Yet this rate is currently the worst in Europe – actually three times higher than in Germany, France and Italy.

What a totally shit job this bunch of clowns has done!! They have completely wrecked the country and yet actively foster division and hate. They don’t give a monkeys – swanning off on holiday in the midst of a crisis.

I heard that a Tory MP was stabbed to death in his surgery today. That is terrible. It is horrendous to think that this level of division and hatred has boiled over into violence – but if they continue to go down that path it will only get worse.

Brexit and the Tories have deliberately used this division to their own advantage; they don’t care about the outcomes.

We have Frost deliberately stirring up the Brexiteers by deliberately picking a fight with Europe. They are looking to create a Trade War which will galvanize the Brexiteers and win them an election. The fact that it will severely damage the country and cause misery for millions with much higher prices is utterly irrelevant to them. All they care about is their own money and power. Disgusting.

The trouble with these Brexiteers (the same as with Trumpists) is that they’ve bought into it so deeply that they don’t like to admit they were wrong. Trump was an absolute moron who messed everything up with a chaotic and useless administration yet all his followers still follow regardless. Brexit (which we were promised would save millions, make prices lower and gain lots of wonderful trade deals) has done the opposite and already cost us £60 billion, caused chaos, ruined trade, put companies out of business, put up prices, caused shortages and is threatening to break up the union.

What does it take to make people admit they were wrong?

How can they still be supporting the imbecile that did all this damage for personal gain? Don’t they see that he doesn’t care a bit about them?

Obviously not.

Time will tell. There will come a tipping point. Right now the world has turned stupid. Normally when a government performs this badly, this corruptly, the electorate turn against them. Brexit has blinded people. But this can’t continue. When everything starts falling apart a lot of people are going to get a rude awakening. Hopefully that won’t be too far away.

Stay safe!!

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