The Corona Diaries – Day 567

Still a little chilly here in Yorkshire but not too bad. I had to go into hospital for an MRI on the back I injured through sneezing a year ago! Who’d have thought a sneeze could cause such problems?? Hopefully it’s not a prolapsed disc. That would be a pain.

I stayed in this morning, played some Screaming Jay Hawkins and worked on the Beefheart book.

Having just watched Vigil on TV the MRI was reminiscent, like being stuck in a torpedo tube. Fortunately I wasn’t sealed in and they didn’t fill it with water! I’m not sure the pulsating noise could be made into a hit record but I’m sure Beefheart would have made something of it.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the arrogant Tories think they can do what they like now. They’ve got away with absolute murder and are still ahead in the polls. What on earth do they have to do in order to be seen for what they really are? Trump said that he could shoot someone dead and they’d still support him. It’s the same with our inept clown. No matter what a mess he makes of everything they still think it’s poor old Boris who was dealt a bade hand, not the lazy, greedy, conniving bastard he really is.

The public are in thrall. When will they wake up?

Boris Johnson always wanted to do better than the EU – so far he’s only managed that in two categories. The EU are not suffering from empty shelves, petrol shortages, massive price rises or pay cuts, so he can’t beat them on that – but we do have by far the greatest numbers of deaths and the greatest numbers of covid cases!! YipppEEEEEEEE!!! Isn’t it great to be British.

Today was a new record – another 42,776 new cases recorded yesterday!!! Another 181 deaths!!!

It’s OK – the pandemic is over! What’s a thousand deaths a week?? Nothing!! Get your masks off! Forget social distancing, the pubs and clubs are open. You’ll be alright – as long as you don’t get long covid or die!

The schools are rife with covid – we’ve got relatives that have gone down with it this week. While the case numbers are going down in the USA the Trump States are still killing people off at an alarming rate. The antivaxxers must be delighted. I’m sure the Democrats are. The less virulent Trumpists the better. Freedom or death!! Seems they are choosing death! The vaccine might save lives but Bill Gates has obviously put tracking devices in it. Not to worry – god will look after you!! But hey – that doesn’t seem to be happening does it? Unless god doesn’t like Trumpists.

The antivaxxers are still targeting schools and passing out false info. The death-rate for vaccines is 1 in 5 million. The death-rate for covid is around 5 in 200. I know what risk I’d prefer!!

Brexit Bonkers Britain!! I just thought of a headline for the Sun – when they finally wake up to the disaster Brexit really is. Our HGV crisis, brought on by Brexit, means that container ships are now being turned away from our ports. They’ve got our Christmas on board – Ho Ho Ho Brexit Christmas everybody!! Those who can afford it. The shelves will be empty but there won’t be any money to buy anything anyway!! Pay cuts and tax rises are the Brexit dividend! So much for the sunny uplands!! we’re in the dismal downlands.

Our status abroad has taken a real bashing too. We are now seen as the untrustworthy liars with a clown in chief. So much for world-beating global Britain; we’re a joke! We sign deals we have no intention of keeping and break international laws on a whim. Not the Britain I grew up in.

To cheer us up there’s a Super-Cold going around – a covid mimicking virus. It’s not really a super-cold at all. It’s just that our immunity to viruses has dropped because in isolation we’ve not been exposed to them. It just makes us feel worse!!

Try and escape to the sun and you find that Boris’s world-beating app is malfunctioning and you can’t go!

You couldn’t write it! The loonies are definitely in charge of the loony bin!!

Stay Safe!!!

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