The Corona Diaries – Day 566

It was a little bit cooler today after some rain this morning it cleared. On my walk up my hill it was very changeable – sunny, then cloudy with sound of distant thunder, but I didn’t get wet. All the harvest is in – potatoes today – and already the shoots of the new crops are turning the fields green. Only two weeks ago I was admiring the patterns in the fields that the harvesters had made – now they’ve been ploughed, disced and drilled!! It’s an industry! This is mechanical farming. No hands involved.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland, our clown of a pm is lying in the sun guzzling his £180 a bottle wine and making the most of his freebie holiday. Does he deserve it? Like hell!! He’s created nightmare after nightmare due to his incompetence and lies and here, in the middle of one crisis after another, he buggers off.

So much for caring!! Dear old Boris – the lying shit.

We had another 39,463 new cases yesterday with 181 deaths. Nothing is getting better.

The MPs report on the covid response was damning. Serious error after serious error – a litany of mistakes culminating in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. They outlined the mistakes we already knew:

The running down of the NHS

The lack of preparation

The complacency

The lack of PPE

The lack of planning

The slowness in responding

The poor decision-making

The dumping of patients in the care homes

the inability to learn lessons

the failure to close borders

It went on and on and on. They rightly lambasted this bunch of nincompoops claiming to be a government. Their serious errors cost thousands of lives but they did make a lot of people very rich!

Dominic Cummings waded in calling the PM a joke prime minister and a joke government who have been a disaster.

Hunt infuriated bereaved families by saying it was a game of two halves. They pointed out that it wasn’t a game. It was life and death. They were furious. The serious errors were not redeemed by the vaccine roll-out. The vaccines were not the government’s doing. They merely pulled the governments incompetent bacon out of the fire they had created.

Then Freeman waded in with a couple more stupidities. He blamed the death-rate on obesity – as if that let them off the hook for all their errors. He also said that the government had been caught by surprise – but surely it is a government’s prime responsibility to look ahead, plan and watch, and not be caught out!! A pandemic has been discussed for years. That’s just plain incompetence!!

The question now is how effective is the antiviral drug Molnupiravir developed by Merck. A $700 a course of treatment is it worth it? Probably if it does cut death-rates by 50%.

I just hope that this report makes people wake up and realise what a bunch of self-serving losers they have put into office.

Stay safe. Sooner or later they’ll develop an effective treatment – there’s a lot of money in it!!

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