The Corona Diaries – Day 565

A strange day today. The sun shone, skies were blue. It was a little cooler than yesterday. Our relatives left. Our son is still ill.

I’ve been playing Bob Marley, doing some writing on the Captain Beefheart book and went for a walk up my hill.

Feels unreal.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, reality is a different kettle of fish. The cult of Boris prevails.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It does not make sense.

Johnson has obviously molded himself on Trump. There is the extreme nationalism, the simplistic headline grabbing slogans, the lies, exaggerations and complete ineptitude. He plays on xenophobia and racism, misogyny and impossible promises. In place of ‘Make America Great Again’ we have ‘Global Britain’. Instead of walls we have Brexit. We have a swathe of silly over-optimistic soundbites about oven-ready, moonshots, world-beating apps and T&T – all of which is bollocks. Then we have fictitious levelling up.

He even has the same silliness of hairstyles.

Yet for all the transparent lies, the obvious self-serving sleaze, the huge financial profits they are plundering, the gross behaviour, the expressed racism and misogyny, the hiding up of sleazy deals, the ineptitude and terrible outcomes – both these arrogant fools remain popular.

If Corbyn or Biden had done a fraction of these things they would have been hung out to dry. Yet they are both, literally, getting away with murder. None of this sticks.

An MP fiddles £10,000 on expenses and gets jailed. Johnson causes a 100,000 unnecessary deaths and illegally gives out billions to his chums and people still think he’s great.

What is going on here? It’s like the cult of Trump and Johnson holds people in the grip of some magic spell; they don’t see the reality of the greedy, over-privileged millionaire/billionaires they really are. They see them as cuddly and representing them.

Trump and Johnson have never, ever represented ordinary people. They know precisely where their next roll of £840 wallpaper, crate of super-expensive wine, luxury holiday (all expenses paid) and dinner at a top restaurant, comes from. It’s from their super-rich buddies. And their super-rich buddies always want something in return.

It is transparent – yet people can’t see it.

Our PM is really an extremely rich man who habitually lies, is extremely greedy and self-centred and is conning the whole population. Just like Trump.

Wake up!!

So, yesterday there were another 40,224 cases with 38 deaths. What a great job Johnson is doing! Oh, he’s on holiday – abroad where the shelves are fully stocked and you can buy petrol – not that he ever shops or buys petrol. Still!!

It was fascinating to read that Russia probably stole the blue-print for the Astra/Zeneca vaccine to make their sputnik version. It’s about time they made that blueprint globally available so that the world can be vaccinated – instead of doing it for vast profit!!

It’s about time that we put huge sums into developing vaccines and anti-virals for the inevitable next pandemic. That one might be a lot worse. Sooner or later we’ll get one that kills over 60%. Might be a good idea to be prepared!

I was reading about the American antivaxxers. One lot believe that it’s all god’s will; their faith will protect them. Lol – that didn’t seem to work too well in the times of black death, smallpox or cholera. Countless young babies and children. Did god not care about them? Or had they been naughty?

Inventing god was probably the worst thing we’ve ever done.

Some believed that their bodies were holy – they would never put anything ‘impure’ into them. Ho Ho. The whole world is full of impurities!! Every breath. Every mouthful! We’re all impure!!

Some people believe that it hasn’t been tested – as if billions and billions of successful vaccinations with extremely rare side-effects isn’t sufficient – particularly when compared to the nasty long-lasting, sometimes fatal effects of the virus. You have to laugh.

Religion and the internet have a lot to answer for!

Stay safe!! The next conspiracy theory is just around the corner!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 565

  1. Am familiar with the accusation that Russia copied the Astra-Zeneca blueprint but who is making vast profit from the sale of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine? It’s unclear from your diatribe.

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