The Corona Diaries – Day 559

A cold, cloudy day in Yorkshire. I walked up my hill in the morning to find it was quite clear and bright. A good view over the sea. But it was cold. It was jacket, hat and gloves time.

in the afternoon I drove to York through a deluge, drizzle and floods. There was thick fog on the to0p of Garraby Hill. Not nice!! Makes me crave warm climates. Why the hell did we move out of Africa???

We have rellies staying so no work on the book, no reading. We cook meals, wash up and entertain.

I’m getting a little stressed with the mounting work required to produce the Beefheart book. The deadline is next July but I am already feeling the stress. The amount of work I have to get through is DAUNTING.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the slime gathers for their conference.

While I was driving I was listening to the radio (as well as playing Beefheart) and was so saddened to hear stupid northerners from the ‘Red Wall’ constituents saying they they liked Boris. It felt like a rape victim requesting a gang bang. They are so pathetic. They are being shafted but they’ve fallen for the cuddly, disheveled teddy bear. They can’t see the overprivileged, conniving conman at all. He is taking them for a ride. While robbing them blind, and giving their money to the wealthy, he is getting them to beg for more of the same. Makes me feel sick.

The power of propaganda. The simplicity of deceit. The transparency of a self-serving twerp.

How does he get away with it? Why are people so stupid and gullible?

Johnson is an inept, overprivileged, entitled liar – yet poor people, while being mugged, think he’s lovely.

They deserve to be done over, Illiterate, ignorant, stupid, uneducated people – they should study their history and understand what fools they are being taken for. Tories are laughing their heads off as they fleece them for every penny.

So, yesterday there were another 34,256 new cases with another 166 deaths. The government is good with that as the public don’t seem at all concerned. People have become habituated to this number of deaths. Like a drug that is drip-fed it is no longer having an effect. People are reacting as if these numbers are insignificant – so politicians can relax.

Scientists warn that far worse is yet to come. 100,000 schoolkids are off school as the virus rampages through the young. School absences have risen by two thirds in the last fortnight.

People now think it’s over. They are going about business as usual – no masks, distancing or fears.

The unspoken government policy is herd immunity – yet anybody with a biological background can tell you this is bollocks.

The Johnson variant, foolishly allowing in from India on all those unchecked flights, is the predominant variant. It is not short of hosts because it infects fully vaccinated people. Even if you are fully vaccinated you can get ill and you can spread the disease. You might not get seriously ill. You might not die. You will be a host for the virus – so there is no chance of herd immunity.

Herd immunity will only come when we have a vaccine effective against the Johnson variant.

The people at risk of serious disease or death are the 2.6 million who are shielding, because they are being treated for cancer etc. or have an illness or treatment that suppresses their immune system, and the fools who are antivaxxers.

I expect the infection and death rates to rise!!

The government does not care about this level of deaths, long covid or new cases – as long as it does not affect their popularity and cost them votes.

They are evil!!

So, I stay masked, distanced and am avoiding the mindless masses.

Stay safe. Johnson is in charge. We are fucked!!

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