85 Years of Working Class People fighting Fascism!! – Joe Solo (Now we vote them in power!!)

Joe Solo

Yesterday at 07:32  · 4th October 2021 marks the 85th anniversary of the Battle Of Cable Street, when the East End of London rose up to prevent Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts passing through their communities with the battle-cry ‘No Pasaran!’ or ‘They Shall Not Pass’.Worth remembering too that the people of Leeds had done the same at the Battle Of Holbeck Moor on 27th September, and Hull had routed the fascists at Corporation Field that July.Up and down the country Working Class communities organised and fought back, and though Cable Street will always be remembered as the culmination of their efforts, it was by no means the only resistance to the BUF.Interned during the war, the Blackshirts returned in the post-war years when they were defeated by the 43 Group, a network of veterans of both Cable Street and WW2.Originally rallying around anti-semitism, the fascists switched to anti-immigration as workers were shipped here from the far corners of the Commonwealth to fill jobs vacated by those lost in the war against Hitler. These days fascists couple this with wider anti-Muslim propaganda, but are still very much alive and well on UK streets.So today maybe it’s a good time to reflect on the lessons taught us by those who stood in their way in 1936, raised their fists and would not let them pass; if not, we have no right to stand on the shoulders of such giants and watch their victories fade before our very eyes

.No Pasaran.

Not then.

Not now.

Not ever.

Vote Fascism out!!!!!

Tories – in by the back door!!!

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