The Corona Diaries – Day 558

It was cloudy and chilly as I walked up my hill. I was wearing gloves for the first time since last Spring. A bit foreboding. I do not like cold!!

Africa’s nice this time of year!!

Back home I’ve spent the morning writing my Captain Beefheart book and intermingling Byrds with Beefheart – a strange combination – but it works for me.

I’ve been looking at these Pandora’s Box revelations about how the Tories and Wealthy have been conducting themselves. No real surprises. It just shows exactly how corrupt and greedy they really are. They all need locking up – tax evasion, bribes, dirty money – it’s all there!

Just imagine the uproar there would be if Corbyn had done a thousandth of that?

Pandora’s Box is an indictment of the Tories but I bet it’ll be glossed over just like all the other scandals. The cronyism that has been exposed would have instantly brought down other governments but it slides off this lot like shit off a wet window.

What is it about Trump and Johnson that makes people make allowances for their lies and atrocious behaviour? The corruption and sleaze, the self-serving greed. It is all glossed over.

Not so long ago other MPs were being castigated, locked up and slagged off for far less.

I think it is part of this general malaise that is affecting the country and indeed, the world. They seem to have fixed on an image of ‘Dear Old Boris’ as a loveable eccentric and find it hard to wake up to the fact that he is a conniving, greedy con-artist.

For fuck’s sake – WAKE UP!!!


Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, there were another 30,301 new cases yesterday with another 121 deaths. Let it rip!!

The Tories have abandoned all pretense – they are going full steam for herd immunity whatever the cost in terms of lives. Forget the millions with immune problems who are shielding, forget the antivaxxers (they had a choice) and take no precautions. Instead of telling people to take care they are not saying a word – hand washing, mask, distancing, working and socialising indoors – no problem.

Shaps was criticised for discouraging masks. Johnson wants all the civil servants back in the office. Never mind the risks. It’s back to normal!! The Pandemic is over!!!

I’m ignoring all that bollocks.

Today I went to the doctor’s to pick up a prescription. I waited outside until it was empty. I use hand sanitizer on the way in and out. I put a mask on and stayed in for as brief a time as possible. Later I went in the shop and did the same.

This is a nasty bug and I do not want it – thank you.

So as Brexit Britain lurches through crisis after crisis with many more to come; as the job losses, after furlough ends, begin to pile up, as austerity sets in, as living standards and life expectancy fall, as the wealthy become richer and richer, we are all going to find what the Tory views of uplands and levelling up really is!!

Stay safe fellow Serfs – we are the peasants!!

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