The Corona Diaries – Day 557

Bright sunshine and a bit warmer – though I was still in hat and jacket on my walk up the hill. It looked beautiful on the summit with clear views over to the sea, no haze at all. The fields stretched out in undulations over the furrows of the wolds. Fabulous.

Not a sign of much wildlife though. A lot of the birds have already left and the brown sludge of the mown verges do not look very appetising. If I were a wild animal I might be wondering where my next meal was coming from now that the hedges have been trimmed of berries and the seeds on the verges mown into the ground. I think there is a desperate lack of understanding and caring.

Back home I’ve been playing Beefheart and working on my Beefheart book. It takes a lot of effort and focus. It feels a bit daunting.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is beginning to make more monstrous sounds. Not content with putting up taxes for the poorest and cutting benefits (at a time of great price rises and soaring energy costs) he’s not ruling out even more tax rises (The highest tax for the poor there has ever been). He’s blaming it on covid.

Those of us who bother to read and understand know this is bollocks.

The reason for the troubled economy is mainly Brexit coupled with a total mismanagement of Covid and a corrupt dishing out of billions to cronies without any tendering or accountability. It makes previous expense fiddling (which put some MPs in prison) look piddling.

But the gullible will still think he’s wonderful and gobble up his lies. When will the liars bubble burst?

So yesterday there were another 30,439 new cases with 121 more deaths. It’s not coming down! The scientists warn that there’s worse to come but our experiment goes on and no warnings or advice is forthcoming – not even simple advice about masks, distancing and avoiding inside where possible – not too draconian or difficult. We have no leadership at all!!

Sad to read that 5 England footballers are refusing the jab. They are role models and should be setting an example. We need to get out of this mess. But then footballers are not renowned for their intelligence are they? The reports say that they either think they are too fit to get ill (morons), have been pressured by their wives (wimps) or have swallowed conspiracy theories (fools and idiots). Oh well.

The World Cup officials in Qatar are banning all unvaccinated players – but hell – we’re better off without them. We need more intelligence on the field.

Johnson is telling us there’ll be shortages until Christmas. He just failed to say what year. I think it’ll probably be until 2035 when we rejoin the EU.

The current staff shortages leading to major crises is not limited to HGV drivers though. We’re about to have a whole series of major problems with Care Homes, The NHS, hotels, farms and restaurants. At present the current staff are working all hours trying to hold things together. That can’t go on forever.

Is this the disaster you voted for???

Meanwhile the pandemic goes from strength to strength despite the vaccinations. People are acting like it’s all over. Mask wearing is dropping off. People aren’t distancing and they are meeting inside as if vthere is no problem.

Let me introduce you to a ventilator!! It might be the last thing you see!!

Stay safe!! A few simple precautions could save your life!!

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