The Corona Diaries – Day 550

Another warm and sunny day in Yorkshire. I walked up my hill in the Autumn sunshine feeling a warm wind in my face and warm sunshine. The sun has lost that burning heat of summer. The fields are now uniformly brown having been ploughed and discs into a fine tilth. They have already been dressed and seeded. Over winter the crops will slowly grow.

In the periphery of the large fields the hedgerows have been trimmed, the verges mowed and nature has to try to hang on through the cold months ahead on the meagre rations left behind. The flowers have gone to seed and the seeds and berries mown into the ground. It’s a wonder how anything survives.

I saw a kestrel fly overhead as I started my walk but other than a dead rabbit squashed in the road I saw nothing else. The swallows and finches have gone. It’s a lull. There was no bird song in the hedgerows; no stoats, hares or kites. The songbirds were gone.

Battening down the hatches.

I made my way back home, played some Joni Mitchell, video-called friends in Australia (technology can be amazing) and began writing my Captain Beefheart book. It feels so good to be writing freeform from scratch. The ideas are flowing. The structure is there. I’m looking ahead to six months of effort.

The Harper book is finished – or at least abandoned for the moment. After a break I will go back for a final read through.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland where fake news, propaganda and lies hold sway, our pathetic government is bumbling along through crisis after crisis of its own making.

The Johnson variant, that they allowed freely into the country from India, is still causing havoc. Schools are hit, hospitals are struggling. There were another 31,348 new cases yesterday with another 122 deaths – but it’s Sunday. That’s likely to be an underestimate. The situation is not really getting better. I bet Johnson’s glad he let it in to run rampant. I bet he’s also regretting putting Dido in charge of Track and Trace and spaffing £37 billion up the wall. Morons. But it’s only our money – not his – only another few years of austerity for us. It won’t affect his golden wallpaper or red wine.

We didn’t even get a trade with with India. Neither did we with the USA. All these Done and Dusted world-beating trade deals seem to be imaginary.

The Global Britain of Brexit might break up into parts to become a fading England, a land of poverty, low wages and perpetual austerity.

Well done ERG nincompoops!!

So we have empty shelves, food rotting in fields, petrol pumps shut, price rises, energy prices going through the roof, tax hikes, benefit cuts, pension cuts – and it’s only happening to us (despite them claiming a global crisis) and it’s nothing to do with Brexit!! Lol!!

So as life expectancy fall, thousands die because of delayed consultation and treatment, racism is on the rise and the arrogant strutting fascists are feeling empowered, Britain, like the USA, is in the grip of right-wing populism, fake news, internet conspiracy and blatant propaganda.

The world has lost all reason. People prefer to believe cranks on the internet to learned scientists. They still believe the virus is a hoax, there is no global warming, Jesus is coming back and the earth is flat.

#We’re firmly back in the Dark Ages – and cynical opportunists like Trump and Johnson are milking it for all they can get.

QAnon rules. This is the age of stupidity!!

So what do we do now? We plug away. We bring in science to deal with the virus. We counter the stupidity of the antivaxxers. We vaccinate.

Do we bring in vaccine passports?

Nichola Mallon of the SDLP in Northern Ireland:

“So, for me it’s a no brainer.

“We have to be honest with ourselves. If we want to have a sustainable pathway out of the remaining restrictions, if we want to avoid further lockdown, if we want to protect our health service from unprecedented pressures as it goes into winter, then we need to look to introduce Covid passports.”

Science is the answer – not QAnon. Rational politicians are the way forward – not populist extremists.

Dump Johnson and let’s get someone in with brains!!

Stay Safe – It only took 5 billion years to reach this stage. We can start again!!

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