The Corona Diaries Day 549

Warm and cloudy in Yorkshire today. Actually felt a bit sultry and close. I walked up my hill to survey the world and verily it was the same as yesterday – though all the fields had been ploughed, disced and planted. Amazing how quickly it happens. The industrialisation of the countryside is immense. Nature is excluded. Indeed, there is a constant battle. If any living thing, plant or animal, dares to intrude it is blasted with chemical warfare!!

I had to drive to York to pick up some goalposts for grandchildren. That gave me the opportunity to play some of the old girl band R&B, some Free and a bit of Beefheart!! Good stuff.

I’ve just got the contract through for a book in the On Track series on Captain Beefheart. Can’t wait to get started on that. Another of my big favourites.

I did the final touches to the Harper book and am putting that aside before the final read through!

Life is incredibly full. I do not have the time or energy to fit everything in!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the debacle of the age of the clown continues. One crisis after another. Empty shelves, shut petrol stations, energy hikes, benefit cuts, looming price tax hikes and the rich getting richer. Why aren’t the opposition 30 points up??

Of course none of this highly predictable mess is due to brexit. It’s just global forces an the pandemic. Like fuck.

It is the direct result of a hard Brexit coupled with total mismanagement of covid and the economy. This bunch of extremists are right-wing fools. They couldn’t manage to piss in the bowl.

By going for a hard Brexit they have created barriers, loss of opportunities, tariffs, delays, extra costs and price rises. My freedoms are LESS!!! My grandchildren’s opportunities are MUCH LESS!!!

All of this utterly predictable outcome was labelled Project Fear, brushed aside and not dealt with.

Stupidity, lies and incompetence.

When you boot all the EU HGV drivers out of the country it doesn’t take a genius to understand that you are creating a huge problem. What is emerging is merely the result of that.

The rest of the problems will also be coming home to roost – we chucked out carers, nurses, doctors, fruit and veg pickers, factory workers, delivery people, restaurant staff, hotel staff and hundreds of thousands more.

Did they really think that all these holes in the market would simply be solved by British workers wiping bums for next to nothing, working in the fields or cleaning up after Bullingdon boys? Did they think that all those skilled people – the midwives, HGV drivers, nurses, teachers, doctors and others would all be miraculously materialised out of thin air? These people have to be trained. They need experience. It doesn’t happen overnight even if we can provide enough!

So we are in the shit.

Ideology wins over common sense and intelligence. A lack of forethought, planning and understanding have resulted in chaos.

Of course our clowns, who are struggling with Covid (though managing to line their own nests in the process), are trying to blame it all on the pandemic and global forces.


This is misgovernment. They are incompetent and stupid.

Good luck with global warming. With this lot in charge we will have no chance.

Today there were 35,623 new cases with another 178 deaths. Our hospitals are coping with 7124 covid cases – mainly antivaxxers!! Some schools are reporting that 50% of their kids are off with covid and the stupid antivaxxers are now targeting schools and kids. Some people deserve all they get!!

We live in a country where the government is forced to eat its words – everything is reversible!!

We have soldiers driving ambulances. We have soldiers delivering food. We now have exemptions for HGV drivers from the continent to work here. Will we have the same for nurses, doctors, fruit pickers??

Perhaps we could get an exemption so that some of the competent European politicians can come over, take over government and run the place properly!! That would be nice.

When can we rejoin the EU? How long until the next election?

Could Labour possibly find a competent leader with charisma who can unite the party?

Britain is in an existential crisis of its own making!

Stay Safe!!! We can always move to Scotland! They seem more sane!!

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