Poetry – Does the cat protect the rats?

Does the cat protect the rats?

Last night dark menacing clouds were broiling,

As lightning flashed in the sky,

Lighting up those rolling black clouds

With jagged flashes of orange,

But there was no rain.

The lightning was contained.

None of those branching streaks of electricity

Reached down to earth.

The anger remained in the heavens

Unvented upon the world.

I listened for the thunder

But could hear none.

That strange violent spectacle

Played its game in the sky,

Promising fury, but instead

Sped on its way.

A security guard checked under cars

With mirrors.

Outside our room,

In the middle of the night,

Another security guard

Talked on his walky-talky.

Unheard, unfelt –

Something is brewing.

Opher 20.3.2019

As far as Muslim countries go Morocco seems fairly laid back. You don’t see many of the full facial covered burqas and full body clothing. Many of the young girls are fashionable and uncovered. There are plenty of women to be seen.

It does not seem that radical Islam has intruded too much.

But the poverty and inequality is obvious. Many people are living as if it is 1819 – not 2019. They are still ploughing using oxen. There are donkeys, horses and carts and hovels.

The ruling classes live in luxury houses worth millions. It is obvious that the vast wealth from the phosphate, oil, olives and fruit is being siphoned off into certain pockets. The ordinary Moroccans are not benefitting.

Under the surface there may well be trouble brewing. It’s fertile soil.

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