The Corona Diaries – Day 546

I went for an early walk this morning. The sun was shining and it was warm. Later it has started to become very blowy. It’s great to be out walking in the last fading vestiges of Summer. I’m really not looking forward to the cold and damp.

Back home I’ve been playing some Townes Van Zandt – such a great singer songwriter.

I’m on page 205 of the Roy Harper book edit and am trying to press on. I want it finished now. I have just been given another contract for a book on Captain Beefheart and will soon start work on a book with my roadie friend on Paul Kossof. Then there are two books of poetry I’m working on. One is interesting. I was going through my old stuff and came across a great stash of old writings and poetry from the sixties – all rough and raw in longhand on scraps. So I’m typing them up. Then there’s the sequel to my last Sci-fi novel which has been rumbling around in my head.

I think I’ve got enough to keep me busy. This lockdown has proved to be very productive.

I’m stopping every now and then to rearrange the house. Our younger son has split up with his girlfriend and is coming home for a bit. We’re altering things around so he has space to himself to relax and work.

Life goes by in the sky nothing to do with you or I.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown of a psuedoleader is busy leading the cavalry into the valley of death, crisis to the right of them, crisis to the left of them, crisis in front of them – but they are thundering around in circles getting nowhere.

He says they have a Plan B but we haven’t seen Plan A yet and Plan B is likely to be the same as Plan A. So, spout forth a bunch of optimistic rubbish, tell a pack of lies, hope against hope that everything falls magically into place, arrogantly announce soundbites with fancy names. Talk tosh. Chuck billions of pounds at Tory donors and pub landlords. Lie some more. Become completely complacent, befuddled by your own gibberish and then panic and search around for people to blame. Disguise the incompetence with layers of other crises so nobody can tell what the hell is going on and why. Sack your scapegoat. Control the media and refuse to be questioned, make appearance or be accountable.

Seems to be working. Miraculously they are still ahead in the polls. I think the average voter hasn’t got a clue what’s going on or why. Johnson keeps his head down.

Things are slightly different. Because the clown is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference – COP 26 (Conference Of the Parties) – in Glasgow at the end of this month he has had to come out of hiding and be interviewed – albeit in America. He has been trying to butter-up Biden to get him on board with the necessary measures to deal with global warming. Biden is fortunately well on board with that and has already decided all the measures without telling him. Johnson also wanted to clinch the promised trade deal. Biden told him to fuck off.

Once again Brexit is a disaster. All the promised wonderful trade deals are melting as fast as the ice caps. We’re really in the shit.

But then we knew we would be.

Johnson then tried to piggy-back on the Mexico and Canada trade deals and was told to fuck off.

So much for the ‘special relationship’. Biden looks at Johnson as toxic Trump-lite and has been freezing him out. Heaven knows how AUKUS came about. Probably just the US looking to get at China and using us to be in the firing line – as usual.

So Boris is now Biden’s Bitch. Relationships between Johnson and Biden were not helped by a leak from the UK cabinet which got back to the Whitehouse saying that Biden was doolally.

Johnson tidied himself up too. He did not ruffle up his hair and tried his hardest to sound compos mentis. He has been on US TV and they’ve quizzed him about all sorts – painful to watch him blustering. Wish we could get him on a program here and give the incompetent twat a grilling. All we get are rehearsed soundbites from teleprompters.

So, as the government leads the populist attitude that the covid pandemic is all under control due to their magnificent vaccination program the reality is fast becoming apparent. There were another 34,460 new cases yesterday with 166 more deaths. As masks are discarded on public transport cases are rising. Hospitals are becoming stuffed and there are 100,000 kids off school.

Brexit is banned from BBC and Tory media. All the crises are caused by global situations that just happen to only affect Britain!! How wonderful!

Levelling up is not going well. We have just applied to the EU for funding. Doesn’t Gove know we’ve left?? You couldn’t write it!! Do you think the EU might tell him to Fuck Off just like Biden did??

I would if I was them. Without doubt!!

So now there is talk of hard winter, power cuts and no turkeys. Christmas might be cancelled!!

There was an article about the US working with the Chinese in Wuhan in 2018 with a plan to inoculate bats with an airborne strain of Covid. The Yanks involved!! You don’t think….. do you???? The CIA??? Trump???

Our shortages in HGV is becoming a different crisis. Not only are our supermarket shelves empty but now our rubbish trucks are emptying. Drivers are fleeing from the councils to go to Tesco where they can get a £2000 sign on and a wage of £54,000, leaving garbage to fester in the streets.

The power crisis is going to send energy bills through the roof just as the pay cuts, benefit cuts and huge tax rises come into force.

But never mind the bankers will still get their bonuses and the wealthy are doing extremely nicely. The vaults in the Cayman Isles are stuffed.

Why the hell is Starmer picking fights with the left instead of taking on the Tories!! The lying bastard talked of uniting the party not pulling it apart at a time when it’s most needed!!!!

So as Boris (always one to break a rule and do something daft and contrary to what he tells us to do) shakes hands with a Brazilian Minister who has covid he might be needing another dose of hospitalisation and nurse care. I wonder if they will be as caring next time?

Stay safe!! Remember – one rule for them – another for you – and levelling up means the rich making sure their piles of loot are all the same height!

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