The Corona Diaries – Day 545

Today was another warm and sunny day in Yorkshire. I went for an early walk up my hill. Not much to report. All I saw were crows and pigeons. It was as if nature was experiencing a lull. All was quiet. It felt like it was preparing for the harsh weather to come. There were no signs of the swallows and finches. I think they have fled.

I checked my wood store. It’s full. With winter coming and an energy crisis on the horizon we might need it!!

We had friends round for a meal in the garden. Good to talk and share a glass or two out in the warmth and sunshine. There won’t be too many more days like that and I won’t be going indoors with the virus taking off like it is.

Still no sign of my replacement boiler. Might not be able to afford to run it anyway!! Energy prices doubling, food prices rising, pension triple lock gone. What with pay freezes, firms closing, workers’ action and a covid winter spike on the horizon, we could be in for a rough winter of great discontent.

You know – I hope so!! I hope it is really bad!! We desperately need something to demonstrate just how badly this government has managed Brexit, Covid, Energy, Global Warming, Housing, Afghanistan, Inequality, and everything else. The only things they have excelled at are lies, sleaze, cronyism, corruption and ineptitude. They’ve been very good at being useless and self-serving.

If it takes a rude awakening to make people aware and finally get shot of these fascist extremists then bring it on!!

I’d go hungry and freeze to be rid of them!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our bumbling clown continues to flounder. He has opened everything up before getting on top of the virus, hoping that the vaccine roll-out would be sufficient. It isn’t.

Around the country everybody thinks it’s over. But it isn’t.

Even double-jabbed people are becoming very ill and are passing it on. This September is predicted to be the worst for deaths in 6 months. The rates are expected to shoot up and there is even talk of cancelling Christmas again. Of course, that would dent Boris Johnson’s tattered reputation. He has already stupidly declared the opening up is irreversible.

The number of new cases has shot up to 35,702 with another 203 deaths! There have now been 157,000 deaths from Covid. What will it be by the end of winter?? In the States there are now 675,000 deaths. Covid has killed more than the Spanish Flu. By next year I expect that to be over a million. The antivaxxers have a lot to answer for. They’ve killed a lot of people. But by next year their numbers will be thinned out.

Who’d have thought that I’d still be doing this diary? Not me! I thought a few months at most. I could be writing this for the rest of my life!! There is no end in sight!!

So what would it take to have an end? That’s worth considering.

There are two problems to overcome:

Firstly – getting the disease does not stop you getting it again. There are no long-lasting antibodies produced.

Secondly – none of the existing vaccines provide long-lasting immunity. Indeed, even double vaccinated people can become quite ill and they still spread it!

This means that we will have to produce a vaccine that is both more effective and longer-lasting. In order to defeat the virus we will need to vaccinate the entire world and thus ensure that there are no hosts for the virus to live in!

That has only been achieved once – with the eradication of smallpox. Of course, we could have eradicated many more viruses except for the difficulty of reaching inaccessible populations and successfully vaccinating them, the religious fanatics who oppose vaccination, the political nutcases who oppose vaccination and the antivaxxers who would rather die. Hence we still have tuberculosis, yellow fever, typhoid, diptheria, rubella, measles, mumps, chickenpox, scarlet fever, polio and all the rest.

Fortunately, in the UK, we have vaccination programs that protect us against these diseases. We have herd immunity that protects the minority antivaxxing dissenters. But we still continue to get outbreaks.

Where some vaccinations create immunity for life others do not. In this way Covid-19 is like Flu. We will probably need regular boosters to keep our immunity up and protect against variants as it is unlikely we will ever get to eradicate the virus globally.

It’s good to see that Matt Hancock, who gave his local pub owner a PPE contract, is being investigated in a Covid Test contract case. Did he use burner phones? Did he cover his tracks? Did he award covid contracts to cronies?

If they really investigated all of the sleazy goings on in this government I suspect our courts would be as overwhelmed as our hospitals.

Stay safe!! There will be a reckoning!!

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