The sadistic slaughter of dolphins and porpoises. Shame on the barbaric Faroe islanders!!!

This week, using jet-skis to drive terrified, intelligent animals into the shallows, the Faroe Islanders killed 1500 beautiful dolphins!!

This is the biggest slaughter anywhere in the world at any time!

This barbaric practice is obscene as these poor creatures are hacked, gaffed and sawn up alive. The agony they experience is unimaginable!

These callous sadistic people need locking up and this barbaric practice stopped!!!

The sadistic slaughter of dolphins and porpoises. Shame on Denmark, Faroes and Japan!!!

Posted on  by Opher

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Dolphins, porpoises and whales have brains analogous to human beings. They have language. They care for their children and have a family life. They are highly intelligent. They are also very sensitive and suffer pain.

Why is it considered alright in countries like Denmark, Japan and the Faroe Islands to indulge in gratuitous cruelty that is so barbaric it is beyond belief. It’s the sort of thing ISIS are doing – not civilised people. It is a frenzy of unbelievable sadistic, primitive viciousness.

Dolphins are herded into a shallow bay. People wade out among them, or use small boats. They are gaffed with a sharp hook while someone saws at their neck with a knife until they reach the deep spinal chord and bring their agony to an end.

For me this is no different to doing the same thing with humans. Imagine if I went down the high-street herding all the shoppers into a blind alley and then waded in with a sharp barbed hook, gaffed them and started sawing they heads off as they screamed.

There’s no difference!

Dolphins and porpoises are sentient beings. They feel pain. They have imagination. They should have human status and rights. This is murder.

In Tasmania I was taken by my friends Dylan and Julia to see the most idyllic Wineglass Bay with it’s cobalt blue waters. I thought it was called Wineglass Bay because of its shape but that was only part of the story. It was one of the places around the world where people carried out this horrendous act of slaughtering dolphins. It was called Wineglass bay because when this poor animals were being butchered alive the water of the bay would turn blood red. From the hills around it resembled a half full glass of Beaujolais. Imagine how much blood it takes to stain a vast bay like that blood red?

This has to stop!

5 thoughts on “The sadistic slaughter of dolphins and porpoises. Shame on the barbaric Faroe islanders!!!

    1. I don’t either. It’s an outdated barbaric custom. We might just as well say that it was a custom to burn witches so we need to keep the practice going because it was done in the past!

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